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TouchCommerce, a provider of online interaction optimization solutions, is out with a new product to help companies better use the fire hose of social media to their advantage.

TouchSocial is a new option in the TouchCommerce product suite. It’s designed to help companies lure potential customers with attractive landing pages and deepen conversations that began on social media.

This approach is gaining traction, with companies rushing to engage with current and potential customers over social media networks.

A More Customized Experience

TouchCommerce promises to bring “live and automated engagement data” with a diverse set of APIs. For example, a company can generate specific URLs to embed in social media posts, which can then lead to a crafted landing page. When a customer clicks on it, the company can then offer real-time assistance and tweak the material so it better matches who they’re after.

TouchCommerce hopes recent research proves this approach is the right one. According to research from Brandwatch, 80 percent of customers who ask a question through social media expect brands to respond within 24 hours, 50 percent expect a response within two hours and 25 to 30 percent expect a response in less than 30 minutes.  

That finding is reflected in other studies, such as one from Bain and Company, which found customers who engage with their brands on social media spent 20 to 40 percent more and bring an average of 33 points higher Net Promoter Share (NPS) than other customers.

This engagement can start with something as simple as answering customer questions over Twitter or soliciting comments in regards to a company blog post. Since customers increasingly want a personal connection to their brands, it’s a valuable link that should be explored.

Powering Up a Social Network

TouchCommerce CEO and president Bernard Louvat said customers place a high value on the opinions of their social network contacts, so companies need to make sure they’re part of the conversation.

"With the launch of TouchSocial, our clients have a unique opportunity to turn a social conversation into a personalized engagement experience that harnesses the power of social media to extend the reach of the brand,” he said. “Truly personalized, real time interactions can deeply enhance customer satisfaction, attract new buyers and boost revenues."

The key for TouchCommerce will be to make those interactions truly personal. According to

Mark Traphagen, the senior director of online marketing for Stone Temple Consulting, engagement metrics don’t always tell the whole story. But this approach can still have merit if it’s part of a larger toolkit that’s built for finding various methods to connect with customers.

The process of looking out for an optimal customer experience is one that is ongoing. While the TouchSocial rollout sounds promising, changes to savvy marketing practices seemingly never end. It’s a competitive space, so it will be worth watching to see how the newest effort by TouchCommerce pans out.

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