How do you create engaging and relevant content — and present it to the right consumers at the right time to drive conversions and increase your return on investment (ROI)?

Here's some advice from Paul Parreira, founder at Company Cue, a New York City-based custom content agency:

While there still isn’t a universally applied measurement system, there are certain processes that businesses can adopt to ensure success. Start by reviewing your past content marketing efforts:

  • What were trying to do?
  • Was the content campaign delivered on budget and on time?
  • Did you provide quality content?
  • Was there a metrics plan included in the strategy?
  • What type of analytics have you used to measure the success?

Now did deeper into the results:

Learning Opportunities

  • Did it translate to sales?
  • Did it measurably increase brand awareness?
  • Did you reach to a new audience or loyal customers?

Make sure you identify the workflow and effort it took to achieve your goals to build a fuller picture of your success.

It’s also important to measure costs versus ROI, awareness and impressions, lead conversion and the accuracy of your messaging. Here are three ways to measure your content marketing:

  • Consumer-facing surveys
  • Tracking, scrolling and clicking analytics through platforms such as Google Analytics
  • Repeat visits by consumers who returned to view the content

To be successful in content marketing, your content investment needs to align with your marketing goals.

Title image "Speed" (CC BY 2.0) by  cod_gabriel