SAN FRANCISCO - MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference kicks off here today with company executives, analysts, marketing technologists, data scientists, digital strategists and marketers of all stripes jockeying for attention during one of the industry’s key annual events.

As someone who has received a superabundance of pitches for the next great solution to perplexing marketing technology problems, it’s clear there won’t be any shortage of new ideas and products to explore. 

But underneath the bluster are some interesting takeaways. And they underscore how this relatively new field is evolving and what you need to know about. 

More than ever, marketing technology is evolving at a blistering pace, with analytics and big data collectively parsing customer data for insights that were unimaginable not long ago.

An Intersection of Skills

When you browse through the conference agenda, it’s easy to see a theme arise: successful marketing tech is the culmination of getting attention and smart use technology. 

There’s a lot to be found about the convergence of various types of software, ways to use marketing for rapid growth, and the potential of large-scale data analysis and machine intelligence to enrich one’s marketing tech strategy.

To get a clearer picture about who is coming, MarTech offered the following details about the 2,000 attendees who will be at the event:

  • 85 percent are marketing technology purchase “decision makers”
  • 63 percent are executive, marketing or IT management
  • 32 percent are from companies with revenue of more than $500 million
  • 63 percent are from companies with revenue of more than $25 million

It will be worth noting if the strategies are consistent for all type and size of companies, or if there are more specific use cases and recommendations based upon the industry that marketers are trying to master.

Learning Opportunities

Emerging Technology

Scott BrinkerScott Brinker
, MarTech Program Chair and best-selling author, opens the conference with insights from his new book, Hacking Marketing. The book discusses how to adapt successful management frameworks from the software industry to the practice of marketing.

Brinker contends the crux of effective marketing is mastering how to cut through the digital noise with current technologies and staying agile to what is constantly evolving. Expect these themes to permeate much of what presenters and vendors will be pitching to the attendees.

There are several references to automation and machine learning, which companies are trying to use more frequently to get actionable insights about products and customer behavior. Such techniques have changed quickly, so recent tips from other marketing tech solutions or proponents may already need to be updated.

The look to the future includes questions about how Internet of Things technologies may reshape marketing and what steps need to be taken in order to secure one’s digital platforms. MarTech promises to be a dizzying ideafest from start to finish, and CMSWire will be covering the conference today and tomorrow. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for repeated updates and more detailed analysis throughout the week.

Title image by Ian Schneider