Technology improves our lives and jobs in numerous ways, yet some organizations still resist change and are wary of adopting new technology. 

While it makes sense to carefully consider any new investment, embracing the three technological disruptions below will make things easier inside your organization — and will help you keep pace with forward-thinking competitors.

1. Social Analytics Platforms

Social analytics tools integrate with your blog, website and social media accounts to help you monitor your campaigns, understand your audience, and make informed decisions on your next course of action. 

Far beyond counting likes and retweets, you can now track competitors, monitor audience sentiment and create custom audience segments for more authentic messaging. 

But even with all the benefits, only 40.5 percent of CMOs believe social media is linked very or somewhat effectively to ROI. This means a lot of marketers don't know how to effectively apply social analytics tools, or how to understand the data coming through. 

The picture gets more complicated for B2B organizations, where the clear connection between a social presence and a sale can be challenging to track. Thus, it's important to choose a vendor whose tools are easy to use and measure, so insights surfaced from social data are solid. Otherwise, what's the point?

Choose your platform wisely by doing a thorough analysis of your needs before settling on one. 

2. Innovation Platforms

Innovation doesn't always involve creating products to meet changing customer demands. Sometimes it's about redistributing available products to minimize waste, or redefining internal processes to find new and better ways of solving company or industry problems.

However, despite chasing innovation success, a lot of companies still don’t know how to generate ROI from innovation efforts.

Innovation platforms give you a space to work in: from getting your employees or partners in one "room," to generating ideas and brainstorming to see what works —and on through product creation and launch. A good innovation platform supports you all the way, ensuring seamless business development — and potentially driving millions in returns.

Learning Opportunities

3. 3-D Interactive Training and Upcoming Virtual Reality Use Cases

3-D interactive and virtual reality technology enhances learning by providing figurative environments through which employees and trainers interact with one another as well as with virtual objects found in the environment, creating a fun learning environment.

3-D interactive training also makes proven techniques like blended learning easier to offer, by incorporating the models of station rotation, individual rotation, lab rotation and flipped classroom into a single device.

A lot of organizations are still not incorporating this type of training although it promises to be cost effective over time. Smaller businesses may hesitate due to the cost to staff ratio and others may not be ready to migrate from traditional in-classroom training.

But the time will come when all training IS virtual, and businesses slow to adopt new technology will fall behind those offering training that matches the expectations of today's workforce. People across generations are used to swiping and scrolling on mobile devices. Capturing their attention will require more than PowerPoints and manuals. Who wants to work for a company that seems antiquated?

Technology Is Your Friend

With each of these technologies, and others, it's not about replacing humans. Humans still need to input the keywords and topic information for social listening tools to apply. They still need to look at the data and discover where commonalities exist and create audience segments. 

And innovation programs don't think of new ideas — they simply organize them. Just as trainers are still needed to guide what's learned in a virtual environment when put into actual practice. It's not about man versus machines — it's about man plus machines.  

Be it in the health sector, agriculture, manufacturing or digital marketing, respective digital innovations help employees, ease work and potentially increase ROI — when we let them.

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