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  • Innovation unveiled. IBM launches Hybrid Cloud Mesh, set to transform multi-cloud application deployment.
  • Seamless integration. The service ensures smoother, safer and adaptable pathways across diverse cloud systems.
  • Access granted. IBM offers early access program for clients to experience Hybrid Cloud Mesh ahead of its broad release.

IBM has taken the wraps off its latest innovation — the IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh. This new product is powered by a concept IBM terms "Application-Centric Connectivity" — something company officials hope will revolutionize how applications are used and deployed across multiple cloud environments.

In today’s world, enterprises function within an extensively dispersed network, with users, applications and data spread out across a multitude of locations and settings. According to IBM, its Hybrid Cloud Mesh is designed to make the pathway for these applications and services smoother, safer and more adaptable, with an enhanced interface that allows them to function across a wide variety of systems — combining and unifying public cloud, private cloud and on-premises infrastructure. IBM shared the news today during ONUG Spring 23, an annual event focused on enterprise tech and IT.

According to company officials, the product will be broadly available later this year — but for now, through an early access program, clients can learn more by requesting access to the IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh sandbox.

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In (Very) Simple Terms: What is Hybrid Cloud Mesh?

Imagine you have a huge box of different toys at home and another big box of toys at your friend's house. You can't bring all the toys to one place, and it’s difficult to remember where each toy is — but sometimes, you want to play with toys from both boxes at the same time.

Learning Opportunities

Now, imagine if you had a magic map that not only showed you where all the toys are (at either home) but also let you play with any toy you want, no matter where it is — and the magic map could even bring toys from both places together so you can play with them all at once.

In this case, your home and your friend's house are like different "clouds" where data or “toys” are stored. The magic map is like the “Hybrid Cloud Mesh.” It helps to see and use all the data from different places easily and at the same time.

“Simplifying the equation, think of this as an overlay network that achieves instant connectivity across clouds, enabling DevOps teams to deploy applications with high velocity, while also allowing CloudOps team to automate connectivity in an application-aware manner,” company officials said in a statement. “This is especially critical given the era of hybrid work we currently operate in, where organizations applications and networks are hyper distributed.”

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