Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is developing a spending habit that rivals that of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. Only instead of buying islands, airlines and mansions, Nadella is buying companies like Accompli, Sunrise and  Liveloop, among 13 others since January 2014.

Why break the pattern when there are apps like Wunderlist to be had?

It has now been confirmed by the Wall St. Journal that Microsoft has agreed to acquire Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder GmbH, maker of the app.

What To-Do?

Wunderlist is a to-do list app that claims to be “the easiest way to get stuff done." The app promises to help you tick off all your personal and professional to-dos whether you’re planning a vacation or managing multiple work projects.

The productivity solution was integrated with Sunrise on May 20, which could come in handy to Microsoft users. Not only that, but Wunderlist  is both a consumer and work related app — something that falls nicely in line with Microsoft’s claim that there is no longer a clear line between individual and professional personas.

Wunderlist claims to have 50,000 businesses using its mobile app every day. It's available for Windows PCs, Mac OS X, iOS devices (such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), on Android Phones and Tablets and even the Kindle Fire. There is also a web based version.

Alan Lepofsky, an analyst at Constellation Research, said Wunderlist bridges the gap between email, social and project management solutions in Microsoft’s productivity portfolio. “It brings much needed structure to openness and collaboration,” he said.

And Now Salesforce

Late last week Salesforce acquired smart calendar app Tempo AI.

Learning Opportunities

According to the app's founders, it was built as an assistant for the mobile business professional.

“We created a smart calendar, using artificial intelligence to enable the next generation of mobile productivity,” wrote former Tempo AI CEO Raj Singh in a blog post announcing the sale. “We brought context to your events and automated many of your tasks, just like a real-world assistant, saving our users millions of minutes”.

Lepofsky said Tempo AI will likely be leveraged to bring a new level of intelligence to Salesforce1. It might do something like look at a meeting invite and bring in the Linkedin profiles of the involved parties as well as other information like CRM, Support  and Task Management  that might be helpful.

All About Me

When you look at both announcements there may be the hint of a trend. “After so many years of the kumbaya of social, we’re finally focusing on individual productivity again,” said Lepofsky.

 In other words, it appears that vendors might finally beginning to hear the cries of workers who say that though teamwork is great, there’s an important question that is not being answered.

The question? “What about me? How are you going to help me get my job done?”