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8 Enterprise Voice of the Customer (VoC) Tools You Should Know About

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Collecting voice of the customer data effectively is hard. Processing and acting upon even harder. These VOC tools can help simplify the process.

As consumer behaviors and demands continue to evolve, brands are now focusing their efforts on delivering a good customer experience, even if that’s at the (slight) expense of the actual product or service they sell. In fact, a study by Gartner states that nearly 89 percent of companies are competing on customer experience alone.

And for enterprises to consistently deliver good customer experiences, they need to know the wants, needs and preferences of their customers, hence the rise of "voice of the customer" (VoC) campaigns — where brands aim to purposefully curate and act upon the voice of their customers.   

Gathering Voice of the Customer Data Is No Easy Feat

For enterprises, the voice of the customer is vast. There are so many questions to ask, so many requirements to identify and so many strategies to curate all the data. And once all this data has been collected, it requires a time-consuming process of both collating and analyzing the data to actually see what your customer is trying to say. It can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a number of tools that help smooth out the entire process. 

We’ve taken a look at the list compiled by Mopinion to come up with eight voice of the customer tools to help you find one that aligns with your organizations business needs.

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1. Medallia

Medallia’s Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) software is able to collect a vast amount of customer feedback from a range of survey sources including web, email and phone. Once this data has been collated, the tool sends an automatically generated report directly to your phone. In addition, this tool can integrate with many well-known enterprise resource planning systems.

2. ResponseTek

With ResponseTek, enterprises can access targeted surveys and choose customers to complete a survey depending on their actions. It gathers data through either email invites or via the company’s website and social media handles. The tool creates a detailed customer journey data report which provides information on churn reduction, type of interactions, touchpoints, revenue and more.

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Learning Opportunities

3. Clarabridge

Clarabridge is a VoC tool that acts as a centralized hub for voice of the customer campaigns. It gathers and collates data from various sources such as surveys, social media, contact center agent notes, chat conversations, voice, email and many more. The collated information can be easily filtered to enable users to optimize their website to meet their requirements. Clarabridge also features natural language processing (NLP) technology which incorporates linguistic categorization, emotion detection, text analytics and sentiment analysis.

4. InMoment

InMoment is a comprehensive customer experience optimization platform. Via its Experience Hub, this tool offers a variety of solutions including Employee Engagement, Social Reviews & Advocacy and (let’s not forget) its VoC platform. The VoC platform provides online reports, real-time alerts and notifications and occurrence management. The platform combines survey data with customer data from other sources such as CRM, social media and financials.

5. ConfirmIt

ConfirmIt provides employee engagement, customer experience and market research solutions all on a single platform. Confirmit enables users to select multiple survey programmes and combines the metric results from these surveys onto a very easy-to-use dashboard.

6. NICE Satmetrix

NICE Satmetrix offers a cloud-based VoC solution and is the co-developer of Net Promoter Score (NPS), a scoring system that helps identify customers primed for acting as brand ambassadors. The solution gather both structured and unstructured feedback in real time. It offers multi-channel capabilities, an intuitive dashboard and real-time alerts. It also features a natural language processor engine. The advanced analytics capabilities support root cause analysis, sentiment analysis, correlation analytics, trending topics and more. Users are also able to publish positive customer feedback onto their social media channels.

7. ForeSee

ForeSee provides a multi-channel customer experience analytics solution which enables users to prioritize their customer experience investments. The ForeSee CX Suite offers a number of features including customer-initiated surveys, heat maps, text analytics, alerts and product reviews. The reports generated on ForeSee can be exported and stored in a number of formats including Excel, CSV and Powerpoint.

8. MaritzCX

MatrizCX is VoC software that leverages a range of data collection methods. It features a survey builder (for both internal and external surveys), text analytics, data mining, social customer experience capabilities and action & case management. Enterprises can view real-time customer feedback and produce real-time reports. In addition, MatrizCX has the ability to integrate with other tools like Salesforce and Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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