screenshot of a video of Jim Benton, co-founder at ClearSlide

In this video production for marketing and sales, there is no middle man. No video studio, specialized video equipment  to lug around — and no third-party video-production crew raiding your office. 

Just you, your iPhone and about 30 seconds of your time. And, of course, some of your words of wisdom to your prospect, customer or colleagues.

This is how ClearSlide envisions empowering sales and marketing reps with the new video app for email it released today. The app essentially puts video-production tools in an iOS app, along with analytics on open rates and engagement.

Personalized Communication

San Francisco-based ClearSlide is a sales communications platform that provides a suite of web-based services. Officials told CMSWire the new capability, which adds a new Video Mail feature to its mobile app, will enable sales reps to break through the “robotic” world of email clutter with personalized, “authentic” videos. 

“We’re huge fans of using video in the sales process,” Jim Benton, co-founder and chief business officer at ClearSlide, told CMSWire. “We’re taking it to the next step of the personalized part. We’re recording a personal video with your name and your company name. It grabs you more than just a generic company email. We want to break through that and be authentic.”

Officials promised ClearSlide video mail will boost email open rates by 60 percent and increase conversion rates by more than 20 percent. This app was the result of ClearSide’s new company strategy of using videos for their own clients. It worked for them, so why not add it as a business line?

“Two years ago in engaging with our customers we were sending a lot of emails,” Benton said. “Emails have doubled since 2005. How do we break through that noise?”

The response to videos was great for ClearSlide itself: 80 to 90 percent of clients watched the video. So Benton and Co. decided to roll out the capabilities in their own mail app.

ClearSlide's existing capabilities include live, one-click screenshares (it was fast; they showed me), email engagement, content management and engagement and mobile-app enablement.

How It's Used

screenshot of the clearslide mail video app technology

Some example use cases include:

  • Prospecting into new target accounts with personalized break-in videos
  • Introductory messages before a first meeting
  • Greetings from senior executives 
  • New-customer welcome messages as part of the on-boarding process and intros to support team
  • Product updates with internal teams and customers
  • Personalized messages for sales from marketing and product management officials

Sales reps can use pre-built background templates or choose their own backgrounds. They can overlay a small banner with their name and company. Once video mails are sent, instant alerts provide metrics on customer engagement for each video clip.

The built-in tracking allows salespeople to measure video mail open rates, view statistics and see if the video was forwarded on and to whom.

“I think I saw this Jim,” this CMSWire reporter told Benton during our briefing this week. Benton was about to show me a video demonstrating a video app that allows sales reps to record personalized videos and include them in sales emails. I had already seen it earlier in the call.

“Actually looking at your stats I do see you watched that video for the full duration,” Benton told me. “I should have known that before I asked you.”

Hosted in the Cloud

ClearSide hosts the video assets in its ClearSlide video content library in its cloud. Clients use their iOS smartphone device to record the videos. ClearSlide found that most people have a high-quality camera directly on their smartphone.

ClearSlide officials said their email app integrates with multiple email clients and CRM systems.

ClearSlide was founded in 2009 and has 250 employees. Based in San Francisco, it also has offices in New York, Seattle, Chicago and London.