Emissary wants to connect people like a good high-five.

David Hammer created a company to do something he claims Google can't: give salespeople insights they need to do their jobs.

Hammer, who spent six years as a product manager at Google, said his new company, Emissary, connects salespeople with former executives who have accumulated "invaluable knowledge throughout their careers."

Hammer describes Emissary as a marketplace where salespeople connect with advisors who give them the inside scoop to win deals. It launched in beta in 2015 and publicly debuts today.

Emissary includes thousands of business leaders, referred to as “Emissaries" from companies such as Nordstrom, Estee Lauder, Coca Cola, Samsung, Caterpillar, JPMorgan Chase, FedEx, Costco, The Home Depot, Uber and Omnicom Media Group.

"Emissary lives where sales reps live — mostly their email," Hammer, founder and CEO of New York City-based Emissary, told CMSWire. "We offer a Salesforce sync that ensures 'Emissaries' are easily matched to a client's opportunities, but we view ourselves as a different part of the stack. We don't have any direct competitors. Before us, you either hired one-off consultants, who were hard to find and expensive, or used LinkedIn to network your way to these people the hard way." 

Where Google Stops ...

Hammer and the Emissary team claim this type of insight is unavailable anywhere online. In fact, Hammer said where Google and social searches and network and sales automation platforms end, Emissary can take over by directly connecting clients to Emissary.

Ironically, the revelation about the vast amount of relevant data offline came at the company that made people billionaires with internet technology.

"At Google I came to realize that we all have valuable, tacit knowledge that was not available online,” Hammer said. "With Emissary, we’re using technology to gain access to relationship-driven knowledge from trusted sources that can often make the difference between whether or not you close a deal.”

David Hammer
David Hammer

Salespeople can tap into a pool of more than 5,000 experienced business leaders on Emissary. They can get insights from them on the company to which they're targeting: what the company culture is, who the key decision-makers are and how the company makes buying decisions.

"We think we're unique because we're serving clients down-funnel, after the deal has been qualified," said Hammer, a former intern at Microsoft. "Most sales acceleration tools are designed to generate more leads, not to close more deals."


Glory Google Days

While at Google, Hammer worked alongside current Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. He led the team that developed the DoubleClick Bid Manager ad technology. He also created the initial product vision, built engineering and initial sales team and helped manage acquisition and integration of Invite Media.

"Overall, my experience at Google was spectacular," Hammer told CMSWire. "I learned a ton of important things, including how to think at a truly global scale and the value of being stupidly ambitious. One thing my friend Hunter Walk said is that you get to see what world-class really looks like on a regular basis."

Funding Boost

Bob Hower, co-founder of Emissary investor G20 Ventures, said in a statement that human intelligence is the most important data for enterprise salespeople. Emissary, he said, is a "one-stop shop for intelligence that eliminates the blind spots we all face along the sales journey.”

To spur early growth in his startup, Hammer and Emissary recently closed a $10 million Series A funding round led by Canaan Partners and G20 Ventures. This follows a previous $2 million seed round from The New York Times, Google Ventures and Nextview Ventures. 

"Part of what inspired Emissary's creation was working at one of the most data-driven organizations in the world and realizing that we still didn't always make the right decision," Hammer said of his Google run. "Often times, we didn't have access to a piece of knowledge that sat in someone else's head, and we didn't know who that person was. I created Emissary because I believed if we faced that problem at Google, that organizations of all sizes must be facing that challenge."