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San Francisco-based Lithium Technologies, a social customer management provider, today unveiled a solution it claims will hep marketers advance their “total community” strategy.

Lithium Reach is a social marketing product designed to help brands engage with customers across social channels, blogs and online communities.

Lithium preaches a “total community” strategy that includes ways for brands to engage in two-way conversations with prospects and customers across digital channels throughout the customer lifecycle.

“With the proliferation of social and all other channels, it’s impossible for brands to be everywhere at every time,” Eddie McGraw, director of communications, told CMSWire. “One of the things we talk about is a total community strategy.”

Successful companies, he said, see the big picture in social beyond just “assigning a customer service team to handle social and be done with it.”

What Lithium Reach Does

Lithium Reach aims to help marketers curate, manage and publish relevant content — including user-generated content from their online communities. It uses Klout proprietary algorithms that draw upon machine learning. Lithium acquired Klout, the social media influencer ranking engine, a little more than two years ago for about $200 million. 

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Marketers can use Reach to acquire data-driven recommendations on what content to post and when to post it. It can be used in conjunction with Lithium Response, the company’s social customer care tool.

“It helps bring all stakeholders into the fold,” McGraw said. “It brings in product engineers, executive team, sales, customer service, customers, industry partners, investors and anyone that touches the brand. It’s activating them on social channels on behalf of your brand.”

Data-Driven Recommendations

Lithium Reach features include:

  • Data-driven recommendations
  • Auto-scheduler which automatically picks the best time to publish
  • User-generated recommended content from customer communities 
  • Klout content recommendations to help identify relevant trending topics 

“A lot of marketers are just posting natively to social channels, which poses a huge security risk for big brands,” McGraw said. “It’s difficult to trace content performance, content cadence and coordinate across various teams you have. It’s a messy process and time-consuming.”