The Terminus team in Atlanta showing some love for their hometown Falcons.

When the New England Patriots face the Atlanta Falcons during the National Football League's 51st Super Bowl tonight, there will be more at stake than the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Two tech companies will go head to head in support of their hometown teams.

CMSWire arranged a friendly wager between Atlanta-based Terminus, a B2B account-based marketing firm, and Cambridge, Mass.-based analytics consulting firm SmartCurrent.

If the Patriots win, Terminus will deliver some native to Georgia treats, like peach preserves. If the Falcons win, the SmartCurrent team will ship some Bostonian favorites, like Samuel Adams beer.

Game On!

Web CMS provider Acquia routed web CMS provider Ingeniux when the Patriots beat out the Seattle Seahawks during CMSWire's first Tech Super Bowl in 2015. Will the Patriots deliver once again, this time for SmartCurrent, or will the Falcons grab the prize for Terminus? Look to CMSWire’s social channels for follow-ups post-game.

In the meantime, we caught up with representatives from each company as they prepped for the big game.

Judah Phillips, Founder and Principal, SmartCurrent

SmartCurrent's Judah Phillips

CMSWire: Why will your team win the Super Bowl?

Phillips: The Patriots will defeat the Falcons in the Super Bowl for three primary reasons:

1. Experience: Only one Falcons player has been on the biggest stage in sports, aging veteran Dwight Freeney. The Falcons will lay a gigantic egg. Tom Brady has led the Super Bowl winning team four times and was a Super Bowl MVP three times. He has more division titles (14) than any quarterback in NFL history. Twenty-four postseason wins. Tom scored more points in Super Bowls than the Falcons in their entire history of losing in the Super Bowl (one game in 1999, when today's Falcons were babies).  

2. Patriots passing game: Tom Brady > Matt Ryan. The offensive line will give Tom time. He will pick apart the Birds: peck, peck. 

3. Defense: The Patriots will give up yards to the Falcons, but they are only giving up an NFL-best 16 points per game. The Falcons will settle for field goals and that isn't good enough. Patriots, 34-19.

CMSWire: What makes your tech city so amazing?

Phillips: Boston is one of the premier technology hubs in the world. Atlanta is one of the premier peachtree hubs in the world. In Boston, we invented computing by moving the industry in 1944 from electrostatic tubes to magnetic memory, which gave rise to mainframes and finally microcomputers. 

Silicon Valley may have taken the business lead, but face it Atlanta, the smartest people in the world live here. We also don't have kudzu.

Did I mention besides inventing the foundations of modern computing, in 1994 Tim Berniers Lee aligned with MIT to create the world wide web consortium which set the technical standards for the web? Marconi sent the first transatlantic communication from Massachusetts, similar to the first email ever sent in Boston on the Arpanet. 

Did I mention Boston created the first transitor radio? How about the Human Genome Project? Check. The birth of robots? Check. The creation of "e-ink" for your handhelds? Check. Father of biology? Check. Spreadsheet? Check. Public key encryption? Check. GPS? Check. 

Even Bill Packard came out here for school before heading west and starting HP. You are welcome, Silicon Valley. Jim Allchin, who created Windows OS with Bill Gates, started out here at Dave Mahoney's Banyan before Bill hired him out of here. 

The best public schools and universities in the country are here and sure turn out or inspire powerhouse companies and broad tech innovation, like Facebook, Reddit, ZipCar, Kayak, EMC, Yieldbot, Localytics and many more. Trillions of dollars of American tech value have been launched and grown here. 

Did I mention we also created the concept of American freedom and democracy, and you know, the American Revolution happened here? 

CMSWire: Which player on your team is your tech platform/services most like and why?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.PHOTO: Shea Huening

Phillips: Our offerings are most like Tom Brady. Tom Brady makes it to the end zone, no matter what. We make our clients more money and/or reduce costs, no matter what. 

Tom Brady does not drink Gatorade, but rather a "lemon drink with a ton of electrolytes and no sugar." We do not drink the Kool-Aid. 

His diet is 80 percent alkaline and 20 percent acidic, and he avoids tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and eggplants because they can cause inflammation. He works out three times per day in-season using almost exclusively resistance bands. 

We understand Pareto too. We do data and analytics all times during the day in all seasons (while listening to bands). Tom Brady's routine might sound unusual, but he's the greatest quarterback that has ever played the game! His unique methods make him the player he is. 

SmartCurrent's offering are Tom Brady. We apply a unique approach to value creation with data and analytics, which we've learned from years of experience leading, teaching and advancing the analytics industry. As a result, our approaches, techniques, methodologies are differentiated and unlike those provided by any other data and analytics firm. 

Like Tom Brady, our offerings are the best, but we count our wins not in points and touchdowns, but in value delivered to and satisfaction of our clients.

The Terminators (Terminus answered 'as a team')

CMSWire: Why will your team win the Super Bowl?

Terminators: The Falcons will win the Super Bowl because they have a historically great offense led by this year's NFL MVP, plus the best wide receiver in football. We’re a team that has been doubted all year. Our chances of winning the Super Bowl coming into the 2016 season were 40:1.

Atlanta embodies "Rise Up" as a team and as an entire city. Our Dirty Birds shredded the Packers, showing that both our offense and defense can definitely play ball against Super Bowl contenders. 

We have one of the most dynamic offenses, and our defense is much better than what they seem at face value. This team has an unshakable brotherhood inside the locker room, and the unconditional support of a city that’s waited 51 years for a championship. We know it's our time.

Hail Mary Prediction: Atlanta will prevail, winning with a last-minute touchdown from Tevin Coleman. 35-28, Falcons y’all!

CMSWire: What makes your tech city so amazing?

Terminators: Atlanta is one of the most diverse cities in the US. We have a fantastic public education system, a thriving startup community, plus the busiest airport in the country with Hartsfield-Jackson. We have the resources to build technology and the ability to easily travel to sell it. 

Atlanta is such an amazing city because we’re mix of innovation and Southern charm, which creates a welcoming and supportive network of tech companies helping each other grow. If you’ve never been here, you wouldn’t understand, but Forbes ranked Atlanta No. 9 vs. Boston No. 43 for Best Place for Business and Careers (mic drop!).

Fun fact: Terminus is the original name for the city of Atlanta. We’re privileged to be the Terminus brand. We won No. 1 Best Place to Work in Atlanta this year from the Atlanta Business Chronicle, and we’re one of the fastest growing MarTech companies in America.

CMSWire: Which player on your team is your tech platform/services most like and why?

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.
Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.PHOTO: Jack Kurzenknabe

Terminators:  Like account-based marketing, it’s truly a team effort because there are multiple people involved in the B2B purchase decision. 

However, it really comes down to two:

Matt Ryan: Compare 2017 Tom Brady < 2017 Matt Ryan! Matty Ice threw touchdowns to 13 different receivers this year, getting the best out of all of his opportunities. Terminus gives you the ability to expand your reach in a target account, and Matt expands and engages with his receivers. A quarterback who can analyze and parse a defense in split seconds, like our ability to query/match hundreds of millions of cookies and handle them with ease.

Julio Jones: He continues to challenge the status quo for wide receivers, while we here at Terminus continue to challenge the status quo of traditional B2B marketing. Like having Julio in a fantasy football lineup, if you aren't using Terminus, you’re missing out on a big game changer!