With a focus on making the jobs of front-end developers easier, Magnolia released today the latest version of its digital business platform — Magnolia 5.4.

Philipp Barfuss
Designed to be simple and flexible, the new release reduces obstacles to development by empowering front-end developers with tools that don’t require Java skills, stated Magnolia CTO Philipp Bärfuss, in a press release.

“Magnolia 5.4 is a significant step forward for developers because of the increased capabilities and agility it enables,” he said. 

“The new release significantly lowers the entry barrier for developers, who are now able to configure by file and use light java-free modules, in addition to having access to a powerful and easy-to-use templating kit. This makes Magnolia much more accessible.”

The Solution for Bimodal IT

According to the press release, Magnolia 5.4 addresses the issue of bimodal IT, balancing the need for security and stability on the backend, with that of speed and agility required for front-end development.

The release also stressed the importance of such agility for dealing with the “fast-changing” fields of customer experience and mobile app development.

Boris Kraft
“Today’s organizations need to face the massive challenges that digital transformation poses,” said Boris Kraft, Magnolia CVO, in a statement.

From an IT perspective, existing backend systems like ERP’s and CRM’s provide the backbone of an organization. But to survive digital transformation, organizations need to de-couple the conservatively managed back office systems from the progressive needs of the front-end developers.”

He added that Magnolia provides that gateway — from the front-end to the back-end.

Magnolia 5.4 Highlights

Users of Magnolia 5.4 can look forward to the following key features, according to the company’s website.

  • Front-end integration: The latest version features hooks to easily integrate modern front-end frameworks, including AngularJS and Bootstrap
  • Consistent Development Workflow and YAML-Based Configuration: Templates, resources and configuration can all be edited directly on the file system, increasing transparency and collaboration. Developers can also build extensions using YAML files
  • Light Modules: These allow developers to use their favorite tools like CSS and HTML instead of Java IDE’s and build tools
  • Magnolia Templating Essentials: This set of 32 component templates allows developers to build templates for their own projects. Since the components aren’t tied to any particular front-end system, developers can create integrations with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Campaign Publisher Module: This module allows marketers to manage all campaign content and assets in one place, ensuring that the right asset launches at the right time

Try It Out

If you’d like to see the new Magnolia release in action, the company is offering access to its free demo site, or a free 30-day trial of its full Enterprise Edition.

Both are available on the Magnolia website (registration required).