Customer data platform Simon Data, based in New York City, announced a collaboration with Montana-based data cloud firm Snowflake on March 21, 2022. The goal of the partnership is to ease pain points associated with data collection, assist marketers in unlocking the value of customer data assets and boost omnichannel campaign performances.

"For the first time, marketers at businesses relying on Snowflake’s Data Cloud are able to seamlessly use data to build experiences in a single platform, and without support from their data or engineering teams, meaning they can build more personalized experiences faster than ever," Jason Davis, co-founder and CEO of Simon Data, told CMSWire. 

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A Rising Data Trend

Decision-makers at Simon Data have been paying careful attention to data trends. They believe cloud data warehouses will become the norm for managing ever-increasing first-party customer data — for businesses of all sizes. 

Davis told CMSWire that to have a single source for customer data, a rising number of firms, particularly growth-stage enterprises, are investing in Data Clouds like Snowflake. With this connection, companies can maximize the potential and value of their investment before it becomes a mainstream trend.

"Simon and Snowflake’s joint solutions bring the power of the modern data stack to business and marketing stakeholders. Together they eliminate the need for upstream custom data modeling, offer world-class security features, in addition to best-in-class, seamless data shares," said Davis.

All-in-One Solution Will Benefit Many

With this collaboration, marketers will have access to client data that was previously unavailable. People who will reap the benefits include: 

  • CMOs: Will have a platform with potential to boost team efficiency by a factor of 10 or more.
  • CDOs: Will have a clear method for converting data investments from a cost center to a revenue-generator. 
  • Customers: Will see strengthened connections with favorite companies due to hyper-personalized communications based on real-time and historical data.

Simon Data's clientele range from mid-market to enterprise-level companies in a variety of industries, including retail and subscription ecommerce, travel and hospitality and marketplaces. Current mutual clients of both Simon Data and Snowflake already reaping the partnership's benefit include JetBlue, Tripadvisor, Vimeo and Wyndham

Learning Opportunities

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New Features Coming Soon

On March 1, 2022, Simon Data announced it was teaming up with SMS marketing solution Attentive, also headquartered in New York City. According to Davis, the move will offer marketers more control over their text marketing campaigns. 

"Simon Data's joint clients (such as BARK) can more successfully contact their consumers via SMS powered by Attentive by triggering and tailoring messages based on historical, real-time and machine learning datasets..." said Davis.

The company also has an upcoming announcement regarding the expansion of existing capabilities. Davis said the reveal, which will help marketers better engage and convert users, will come at the end of April. 

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