Ever hear of Project Orion? You will soon: It's the code name for Marketo's huge platform re-architecture project — and we shared the details in a deep-dive about the company’s biggest technology investment to date.

Gartner, meanwhile, stressed that it was time for marketers to stop guessing and start focusing on data and analytics at its conference in San Diego last week. The conference also featured an interesting session on how marketers can use augmented reality to create interactive customer experiences.

That information dovetailed nicely with our ongoing focus on artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace. Check out a thoughtful post by DNN's Joe Brinkman, who explored how AI is, well, everywhere in the digital workplace.

There are dozens of other articles on CMSWire this week, so take a look and tweet your favorites. I know you'll find something useful, inspiring and thought-provoking.

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