What do you get when you integrate an email marketing service with an email verification platform? Greater efficiency as well as smarter compliance and list on-boarding procedures, according to Matt McFee, founding partner at Charlotte, N.C.-based BriteVerify.

BriteVerify, an email verification platform, is integrating its platform with Emma, a web-based email marketing service based in Nashville, Tenn.

The integration should make it simpler for users to verify and send email marketing messages, representatives from the companies said.

4 Year Courtship

The integration caps off a four-year relationship between the two companies. BriteVerify's email verification is designed to improve deliverability and ROI. Emma offers email automation, audience segmenting and mobile templates. 

The partnership "allows us to deliver a more efficient verification process to email marketers. Over time, these partnerships will evolve to deliver smarter compliance and list on-boarding procedures, benefitting our partners and their users,” McFee said.

Learning Opportunities

Quick Email Cleanup

Emma users can import lists into BriteVerify for validation and then return the cleaned lists back to into Emma. This process can reduce the bounce rate of email campaigns by up to 98 percent, the companies maintain.

What's more, they can do it quickly — it takes only minutes to clean 10,000 records from three to 15 months old, he continued.

“Many of these marketers ask for advice on best practices in email collection, database hygiene, and campaign strategy,” McFee said.

“While email verification is frequently used to clean lists, the service delivers greater value when used at the initial point of email collection. Many users verify email addresses as they are entered in web forms or point-of-sale systems. This process identifies an invalid email before it gets submitted to a database, making it easy for the registrant to correct their mistake before becoming a lost opportunity.”