The co-founder of employee engagement platform EveryoneSocial is coming back to the company he helped create.

Cameron Brain will assume the role of CEO, the company announced today, with current CEO and fellow cofounder Eric Roach switching his role to chairman of the board.

Brain helped launch the Salt Lake City-based company in 2013, with the goal of building a platform for companies to empower their employees to more easily share their content across social channels.

Back from Reddit

Brain returns from a stint at Reddit, where he served as the head of business development and commerce. He said while EveryoneSocial has grown after some rough days in the beginning, there’s more momentum now about the type of solution his company offers.

“When I left it was in a different state. The team was much the same, but we had a handful of customers, a small amount of revenue, new market new product, and it really wasn’t clear as to if this was going to get over the hump or just be a total grind,” he said. “The team has done such a fantastic job.”

He’ll be seeking to grow the EveryoneSocial platform, which is in the business of enabling employees to take a more active role in sharing news about their company. It’s catching on, as the company’s users have shared over one million pieces of content in 57 different languages.

Employee advocacy is a relatively new phenomenon. The idea is to empower employees to more easily promote the their company across their own social networks.

But according to Brain, it’s far more than that. Such sharing should be a natural outgrowth of employees sharing their own authentic passion for current projects.

“This idea of the social business, the truly social business where all the employees are engaged in the core activities, that’s going to be the norm,” he said. “The idea that social media is done by only the social media or marketing teams in a bubble that will continue, but when you do that you’re leaving so much on the table with respect to your employees.”

More Features Ahead

To push this, EveryoneSocial is planning on bulking up its feature set with more tools for employees to have greater flexibility in how they perform such promotion. Brain says the company will strive to grow its user base, which has turned out to have quite the international flavor with a presence in 63 different countries.

Also on the feature side, EveryoneSocial plans deeper ROI tracking capabilities. The company recently built in integrations with Adobe Analytics and Salesforce, platforms with a substantial footprint with enterprise and small business.