Technology is starting to line up with the promise and vision marketers have had for many years, but it still remains more aspirational than actual, according to a survey released today by AdRoll.

AdRoll, a San Francisco-based retargeting and prospecting platform, partnered with Qualtrics, a third-party research firm, to survey a cross-section of 1,000 B2B and B2C marketing professionals across the US for its latest State of Performance Marketing report.

AdRoll also surveyed 300 marketers in Europe.

Attribution, Measurement Are Key Issues

The research revealed attribution — assigning credit or allocating dollars from a sale to specific pre-purchase marketing touchpoints — has grown to an increasingly important top-of-mind topic for marketers.

It also found industry professionals have intensified their interest in marketing measurement, "specifically, better evaluating their efforts and optimizing their decision process."

This year, 67 percent of marketers said they plan to shift away from first- or last-click attribution models to other alternatives, including blended attribution.

Learning Opportunities

Blended attribution incorporates customer touchpoints, including both ad views and clicks, before the purchase. "This metric retains the simplicity and immediacy of click-based attribution while accounting for the cumulative effect of views," the report states.

Almost 40 percent of the marketers surveyed said they spend the lion’s share of their yearly budgets on campaign measurement.

Email, Programmatic, Retargeting

The survey also explored several other topics, including email marketing, programmatic advertising, and retargeting.

  1. Email marketing campaigns are now dynamically focused on user behavior. "Email sends will populate with content based on the actions a person has taken online," the survey found.
  2. Marketers continue to embrace a programmatic approach to digital marketing. More than half of marketers now invest more than 50 percent their budgets on programmatic initiatives alone. And more than two-thirds of marketers think programmatic advertising results in a greater return on investment (ROI) than traditional media buying
  3. Social media is the hottest topic in retargeting, with email following closely behind.
  4. Everyone is on mobile (according to Google, 93 percent of people who use a mobile device to research purchases go on to make one). But many marketers are still unsure of how to take advantage of this platform.

You can access the full report here (registration required).