A San Francisco-based mobile experience software provider thinks it can help you get more conversions — and equalize the playing field between desktops and mobile. 

The company, Moovweb, today released a mobile optimization platform that provides device-specific, contextual mobile experiences. Called Moovweb Optimize, the platform allows organizations to deliver personalized, contextual experiences, company representatives said.

The platform addresses the fact that average conversion rates for mobile remain 70 percent lower than desktop, something Ajay Kapur, CEO and founder of Moovweb, described as a "real problem."

Optimize Experiences

headshot of ajay kapur, ceo of moovweb

Moovweb Optimize enhances mobile experiences with screen adaption, conversion optimization and delivery acceleration capabilities. Users can:

  • Build and launch optimized mobile experiences
  • Leverage existing backend processes and create new front-end experiences using standard web technologies
  • Build and test mobile-specific experiences

Ajay Kapur, CEO and founder at Moovweb, told CMSWire his platform is the “fastest growing” among any on the Internet Retailer 500 network

Kapur boasted that its technology tackles mobile deficiencies, improves perceived speed by up to 45 percent, doubles conversions and drives increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Learning Opportunities

“Optimize,” he said, “allows our customers to deliver rich, context appropriate experiences targeted for personalization, usability, navigation flow and speed.”

Moovweb pricing is based on page view volume as well as the number of optimized endpoints delivered, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Android tablet. 

Quick Growth

Kapur told CMSWire Moovweb’s technology powers about 200 experiences for some of the brands including Nordstrom and Kaiser Permanente.

Founded in 2010, Kapur had a staff of about 15 when the platform was in beta. His company now has 120 employees, about 90 of them based in San Francisco.

The company’s growth is powered by increased interest in mobile and digital experiences — and "we have the luxury of powering” those experiences for enterprises.

“We power,” Kapur said, “the heart at what companies do digitally.”