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A San Francisco digital marketing agency has scooped up an agency to bolster its East Coast presence and will help drive customer experience outcomes.

Wire Stone announced today it acquired New York City's Tenthwave Digital for an undisclosed sum. The combined agencies will feature 245 employees, including more than 60 employees from Tenthwave.

(Editor's Note: Fabio Matsui, chief technology officer at Wire Stone will be speaking at CMSWire's DX Summit this Nov. 14 through 16 at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago.)

Combining Wire Stone, Tenthwave

Wire Stone CEO Dan Lynch told CMSWire his company continues to focus on customer experience marketing. The acquisition of Tenthwave, he said, will give his organization some new capabilities, primarily in sweepstakes and contests. 

“The primary benefit of the acquisition is that it scales us up to better deliver winning experiences to our clients’ customers across all the touch points where they interact,” Lynch said. 

“Tenthwave and Wire Stone are really very similar agencies, built around deep capabilities in strategy, creative and tech. We work strategically with our clients to identify the differentiated experiences they need to deliver to their customers, and then design and build those experiences.”

Marketers’ Disconnect

Asked the biggest challenge marketers face delivering solid experiences today, Lynch said he sees a disconnect between the tools and processes driving marketing. 

“Marketers have proven their ability to buy really incredible technology,” he said. “The problem is every tool is only the master of its own data. To deliver the kind of holistic brand experiences customers want — and that customers are getting from the very best brands — marketing needs to shore up its connections to the technologists and data scientists who can transform their smattering of tools into an engine capable of delivering against a unified brand experience map.”

Marketers must do whatever it takes to really and truly understand the customer. 

“Be ruthless about breaking down silos,” Lynch said, “until you can get a single view of the customer so that you can deliver the best customer experiences possible.” 

Tenthwave's mix of strategy, technical and creative resources is a “perfect match for Wire Stone," Lynch said. 

Consumer Meets B2B

Founded in 2011, Tenthwave has had success with consumer campaigns, a complement to Wire Stone's “strength in B2B marketing,” according to Lynch. 

“Our B2B clients are facing the same challenges as B2C — they’re climbing a massive maturity curve when it comes to consistently delivering winning customer experiences," Lynch said. "To deliver singular customer experiences, you've got to have a single view of your customer."

Founded in 2000, Wire Stone is based in San Francisco, with offices in Seattle, Chicago, Boise, Fort Collins, San Diego, Sacramento, Geneva and now, New York City.

Title image by Anthony Delanoix