Modern Hire, a provider in science-based hiring and interviewing technology, has launched Automated Interview Creator (AIC), an AI-enhanced interview tool that helps recruiters find the top applicants.

Mike Hudy, chief science officer and I/O psychologist at Modern Hire, told Reworked that traditional employment practices are faulty in a number of ways. The evaluation of candidates, he said, is based on characteristics that might be skewed and do not always indicate success in the position: schooling or past work experience, for instance, rather than their abilities, essential competences and ability to succeed.

"Additionally," Hudy said, "many interviews are unstructured or use questions that are poorly developed and not related to the job."

Product Targets Ethical, Fair Hiring Process

Leveraging Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Creator, Hudy said hiring teams can feel confident their candidates are receiving interview questions consistent with and focused on factors directly related to job success, making the hiring process ethical and fair.

"Drawing from a rigorously developed library of questions, recruiters and hiring teams can simply enter the name of the job, and Modern Hire’s powerful AI-driven search engine will return recommended questions linked to the requirements of that job,” Hudy said.

This technology improves the experience for both hiring teams and candidates, he added, whether an interview is on-demand, via text or phone, on video, or in person. When AIC is integrated with Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Scoring (AIS) product, an on-demand video interview feature uses AI to consistently, objectively and fairly evaluate candidate responses, Hudy said. This gives hiring teams more efficient, decisive and less-biased interviews, he added. 

Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Creator is an add-on to an interview technology subscription. It is priced as a fixed fee based on the number of employees. The product is available now.

As technology and machine learning becomes increasingly involved in interviewing, Modern Hire saw the need to include more scientific principles into the process. Ineffective interviews that do not include well-developed questions tied back to the job criteria result in poor hires, prejudice and a negative experience for both applicants and recruiting teams, Hudy added.

Learning Opportunities

"With Modern Hire’s advances in artificial intelligence," Hudy said, "we saw a way forward to deliver good science at scale to our clients."

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What's Next for Modern Hire?

With each new release of a product or feature, Modern Hire will bring science and technology together to help recruiting teams find the best-fit applicants in the most effective, efficient, ethical and engaging manner possible, according to Hudy.

Modern Hire in June 2021 announced Automated Interview Scoring (AIS), an on-demand interview service that employs AI to analyze applicant replies and offer recruiters and hiring managers with recommended ratings. Interviewing is a subjective procedure; therefore interviewers may consider elements unrelated to the work. AIS uses AI to reduce unconscious bias in the recruiting process and automatically rates interviews based only on content to assist hiring teams make more consistent and informed judgments, Hudy said.

Modern Hire also announced AIS updates in December: Modern Hire's proprietary Question Sets validated across sectors and jobs, graded to reduce prejudice, reduce time to hire and improve recruiting outcomes, according to Hudy. It includes entry-level, experienced and management jobs in banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, contact center, professional, and sales roles.

"Candidate responses to individual questions are scored then automatically combined into a single candidate score, with AIS providing ranked recommendations," Hudy said. "This intelligent automation lessens the burden on hiring teams and drives consistency for the criteria by which candidates are measured."

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