Analytics are all about the end user in the digital age. Providing decision makers with real time intelligence on demand and on the spot is a must. Analysts at Gartner pretty much said as much in this year’s Magic Quadrant for Business and Intelligence Platforms report.

So it’s not too hard to figure out why SAP, which seems to be continuously raising it analytics play, acquired the assets of Roambi, a San Diego, Calif.-based provider of mobile analytics today.

Not only is it the perfect front end for SAP’s Analytics Cloud, but it can also leverage enterprise data crunched on the Hana platform and deliver in a consumable fashion to mobile devices.

Analytics to Set You Free

Better yet the gleaned insights are easy to share, a near-must for today’s collaborative business world.

Learning Opportunities

And because Roambi was built specifically for a mobile, social, analytical world where data is used to tell stories and analyzed freestyle, it not only engages end-users but might also encourage them to take action on data-driven insights because they themselves are the authors and developers.

It’s worth noting too that Roambi developed specific apps for Pharma, Sales and Retail and is used by companies ranging from Nike, Puma and Sephora to pharmas like Eli Lilly, Novartis and Pfizer to sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys and the Phoenix Suns.

How will this all play out? It’s a bit soon to tell because the acquisition seems to have literally just happened. SAP announced it at its SAP BI2016 conference which started in Las Vegas today. We’ll bring you more soon.