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  • Best plugins for CX. With more than 70 third-party plugins to choose from, which ones shine for CX and marketers.
  • Top tool: Webpilot aims to revolutionize content production and analysis.
  • Automation ace: Zapier streamlines workflows across 5,000+ apps, boosting productivity
  • PDF powerhouse: Will ChatwithPDF transform the way users interact with PDF documents?

In the wake of last week's unveiling, more than 70 third-party plugins are now at the fingertips of ChatGPT Plus subscribers. As customer experience (CX) leaders and marketers sift through this trove of tools to find the best fit for their operations, several factors come into play: compatibility, functionality and customization to name a few. Selecting the "right" plugins could not only enrich customer interactions but also yield insightful data. 

From a selection of around 130 third-party plugins now available, the current top favorites include Webpilot, VoxScript, ChatWithPDF, KAYAK, AskYourPDF, Wolfram, Link Reader, KeyMate.AI Search, Zapier, Video Insights, Prompt Perfect, Show Me, ScholarAI, Expedia and Speak, according to OpenAI.

After consulting with various CX leaders and marketers, we've selected four standout plugins that hold the potential to significantly enhance customer experience and marketing strategies.

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Webpilot: Enhancing Browsing With Summarization, Q&A and Customization

Webpilot offers an array of tools designed to enhance the web browsing experience for editors and content creators. One of its key features, web page summarization, allows users to input a URL and receive a concise summary of the page's content, including thought-provoking questions or insights that can help deepen understanding of the material.

Another feature is intelligent Q&A, where users can ask questions about the web page they are visiting and Web[ilot will provide answers directly based on the page's content.

Maximilian Nestler, co-founder and owner of Nestler Creation, a Munich-based web development and content creation agency, said his company was an early adopter of the ChatGPT Plus platform, and he’s witnessed firsthand how this advanced technology has revolutionized his company’s approach to content production and analysis.

“The newly introduced plugins have particularly enhanced our workflow. Our favorite addition to the suite is the Webpilot plugin. It's a powerful tool that has dramatically improved our efficiency in dealing with content,” Nestler said. “Webpilot is capable of scraping websites swiftly, aiding in the creation of comprehensive content outlines. It's become an integral part of our content development and strategy.”

Further, Nestler said that what's “remarkable” about WebPilot is its ability to identify content gaps and provide alerts to potential areas where they can add more value, “ensuring we deliver comprehensive and beneficial content to our audience.”

Webpilot also offers customization features to cater to individual user preferences. Users can specify their desired tone, such as mimicking the style of Steve Jobs, and Webpilot will respond in that style. Additionally, the platform supports multiple languages and prioritizes the user's language choice. For instance, if a user starts the conversation with "Bonjour," Webpilot will continue the conversation in French.

The plugin is also a favorite of Kristoffer Thun, an IT consultant at Castra.

“I use the Webpilot plugin the most since it offers many fantastic features that I love such as analyzing PDF analysis, the ability to fetch current data and summarize web pages,” Thun said. “I'm still discovering all its possibilities, but mainly I use it for these purposes.”

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Zapier: The Magic Wand of Tech Automation for 5,000+ Apps

With Zapier, users can interact with more 5,000 apps like Google Sheets, Trello, Gmail, HubSpot and Salesforce.

Kurt Uhlir, a tech company entrepreneur, marketer and speaker, said it’s one of the best ChatGPT plugins he’s come across.

“It empowers marketers to streamline their workflows, improve productivity and focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth,” Uhlir said. “By automating repetitive tasks, Zapier frees up time for marketers like me to focus on more strategic activities. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors and ensures consistency across platforms.”

Zapier enables users to connect with various web applications and create automated workflows (or "Zaps") across apps using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, without the need for coding. And if a required app isn't among Zapier's existing integrations, users can build their own.

“We can create efficient workflows that automatically handle lead capture, data enrichment, content distribution and more. This increased efficiency translates into cost savings and improved productivity,” Uhlir said. “One of the best parts of this plugin is it allows marketers to integrate with a vast number of apps and services which we mostly have to shuffle between. This helps us to work across multiple platforms without any hassle.”

Learning Opportunities

For a digital marketer like Pawan Bisht, it brings a “big productivity boost” to work.

ChatWithPDF: Transforming PDF Interaction With AI-Powered Analysis

ChatWithPDF enables users to interact with PDF and Google Drive files by supplying a link. It facilitates conversational access to your PDF documents, utilizing artificial intelligence technology to aid in comprehension, analysis and summarization of the content. And for Ryan Faber, founder of Copymatic, an AI-powered platform for businesses, it’s his favorite new plugin, and one he believes is “the most effective.”

“We look for both primary and secondary databases for our research, oftentimes, we get PDFs from various studies done by scholars, but studying them takes time,” Faber said. “Now, because of ChatWithPDF, even that problem has been resolved with the simple process of simply pasting the link into the plugin, you are all set to ask questions and get answers — and the best thing is that we don't even have to alter or change the file format.”

Across Twitter, users are having a field day trying out the new tech.

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Speak: Pioneering Multilingual Support in ChatGPT

As one of the initial plugins in the ChatGPT ecosystem, Speak basically teaches users to say anything in another language. By integrating the language tutoring service directly into OpenAI's chat interface, Speak offers a customized language learning experience, facilitating translations and explanations across various languages, whenever a user requires them.

Ann Pereira, chief marketing director for Bald Eagle Candles, found the new plugin tools to be invaluable in delivering an enhanced customer experience. And her top plugin choice is Speak.

“Bald Eagle Candles is proud to serve a diverse customer base across the US, and this plugin has made our service more accessible,” Pereira said. “By providing real-time translation, it has allowed us to interact seamlessly with customers who prefer to communicate in their native language. It has not only eliminated language barriers but also helped build stronger, more personalized connections with our customers.”

As a marketer and CX leader that has been using ChatGPT since it first came on the scene, Drew Mann, founder of Drew’s Review, said he’s been experimenting recently with the ChatGPT plugins; Speak is one of his favorites.

“This plugin is great if you are learning a foreign language. But it just doesn't translate the text in another language you provide, it goes one step further than with ChatGPT 3.5 (you need ChatGPT-4 for this to work) by giving you some examples with the content of the translated text and alternatives as well,” Mann said. “Basically, how to say the same phrase in a different way based on the same language.”

Nilesh Rakholia, a director at Abelini, says the multi-language support plugin has been a game-changer for organizations with a global customer base.

"This plugin makes it easy for ChatGPT-Plus (or ChatGPT-4) to speak and understand more than one language. As leaders in the customer experience, we know how important it is to give our different customer segments personalized and localized help," Rakholia said. "With multi-language support, we can serve customers who speak different languages. This helps us build stronger relationships with our customers and reach more people in foreign markets. This plugin enhances our ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences regardless of language barriers."