Dixa, a Copenhagen-based customer service platform, announced the acquisition of AI-powered customer service solution Miuros and conversational AI brand Solvemate on March 11, 2022.

The double acquisition, valued at $43 million, was motivated by a desire among service teams to connect with customers with intelligence, empathy and appropriate information. It furthers Dixa's long-term vision to set a new standard in experience and data-driven conversational customer service, providing brands with the toolkit they need to utilize data on a new scale for automation, measurement and analytics.

Sophie Sandie, Senior Director of People and Culture at Dixa, told CMSWire, "With our acquisitions of Miuros and Solvemate, we instantly grew our headcount from c.220 to c.290 people overnight. That's 33% growth. That's a 33% increase in great minds and talents, all with diverse and unique approaches to life, which can only make us stronger."

Sandie went on to add that, when selecting companies to merge with, one priority was a strong cultural alignment. "Miuros and Solvemate were obvious choices right from the start with their strong, people-first cultures and values aligned with our own values of transparency, inclusion and encouragement.”

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Employee Expansion Benefits Customers

By acquiring Miruos, headquartered in France, and Solvemate, in Germany, Dixa can expand their geographic reach and directly employ creative minds in two new regions bursting at the seams with talent. 

Apart from expanding hiring capabilities, Dixa now has more opportunities for employees to advance through internal mobility learn new aspects of their industry and technology, all of which provide greater value for customers. 

Mads Fosselius, Dixa CEO, said, "The market is moving to put the customer relationship at the center of an engagement strategy, with digital self-service platforms and analytics-based customer understanding as critical components." 

With this merger, Dixa will bring together three industry specialists in the areas of consumer contact, conversational analytics and artificial intelligence. The result will be expert employees assisting in higher-quality customer interactions.

Acquisitions Bring New Capabilities to the Table

Learning Opportunities

Dixa was already collaborating with Miuros and Solvemate on a partnership basis, meaning they already had integrations in place.

They will continue to expand the scope and complexity of those connections over the following months as they aim to provide more seamless experiences for customers. There's a lot of promise in these linkages, particularly in terms of data integration. Unified data across platforms guarantees linked service experiences for users and agents, quicker handoffs from AI-to-human and reinforced feedback loops that enable machine learning.

Bottom line, Dixa is already providing value to their shared users, but company officials say it's only the beginning. They will also preserve their branding on each product, enabling them to pursue a multi-pronged go-to-market approach with each individual component containing significant value. 

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A Look at New and Improved Product Offerings

These acquisitions provide Dixa with a solid base upon which to introduce new product offerings to the market, including those focused on helping SMBs boost their service game by bringing automation to the people.

The company made significant platform upgrades in the past year, beginning with the purchase of Elevio, a customer engagement platform based in Melbourne, in February of 2021.

Dixa also made changes to its messaging platform, which includes an MSDK for in-app support and new capabilities to ensure companies can reach their consumers wherever they are. Additionally, the platform redesigned its analytics offering, making it simpler for CS executives to uncover useful data for their support operations.

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