Helpshift, a provider of in-app customer service and user assistance, has announced the introduction of Metashift. Brands can leverage Metashift to enable immersive AR, VR and mobile experiences with enhanced Metaverse-specific capabilities, according to company officials.

The “Metashift” solution gives brands the power to deliver "immersive, in-world customer service and user support, get feedback and crash reports, and integrate blockchain verification for mobile, AR, and VR experiences,” according to Eric Vermillion, CEO at Helpshift.

Mobile In-App Customer Support Leverages AI

The Metaverse is a new paradigm for both consumers and marketers, and new skills to engage customers in AR/VR are in high demand, according to Vermillion. For example, Metashift may enable in-VR support and blockchain verification of SSIs and NFTs, which are both unique to the Metaverse. Brands' behavior in the early Metaverse will shape future consumer relationships, according to Vermillion.

Helpshift's mobile in-app customer support platform uses AI to help reduce churn and increases CSAT. Helpshift currently supports over 800 million player self-service interactions per year for several of the world's most popular mobile apps and games. The Modern Help Journey allows customers to self-serve, get automated help from intelligent bots, and be guided to agents without ever leaving the experience, according to Vermillion.

“Brands are struggling to navigate the needs of customers in a completely new venue,'" Vermillion said. "For brands, it represents a huge challenge. Helpshift will provide, crucially, in-world support experiences so that customers can provide feedback, get questions answered, or chat with an agent without ever leaving the Metaverse. Those in product, app development, QA, and customer experience/support roles will be the ones that initially benefit from this release."

Learning Opportunities

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What’s Next For Metashift?

Metashift will be available in three stages:

  • Phase one will provide free out-of-the-box feedback, bug and crash reporting for mobile and AR experiences starting May 3.
  • Phase two will provide blockchain verification, enabling support teams from blockchain or traditional identity providers to verify identity or asset ownership (such as NFTs). The release date is set for Q3 2022. 
  • Phase three will provide consumers with the ability to contact support staff from inside the virtual world, thanks to complete, native VR compatibility. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2022, in-VR support will be available.

The Helpshift SDK's most recent version was released in 2021. Our innovative AI-driven innovation, Smart Intents, was one of the most intriguing aspects of the release. When a person begins typing into the conversation, AI is used to determine their purpose. 

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