How can bicycle thinking help us find a balance between life and technology? What challenges are affecting the US federal employee engagement program? Do chatbots work or are they a failure? Meanwhile, we are looking into what M&A’s mean in employee communication for communication professionals.

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  • Bicycle Thinking: Finding a Balance Between Technology and Life Gerry McGovern | Jan. 24. One kilometer cycled consumes less energy and creates less waste than a kilometer walked. It is necessary to design with a bicycle in mind. Things must be designed in such a way that they reduce extraction and waste while also reducing total energy usage, boosting human potential and promoting human and planetary health. We're aiming for the perfect human-machine-earth equilibrium.
  • The Business Case for MACH Architecture Sana Remekie | Jan. 24. Customers no longer interact with brands just through their websites. Customers increasingly connect with companies through a variety of channels, including smartphones and watches, social media platforms, conversational interfaces like chatbots, and immersive experiences like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). How does MACH Architecture fit in?
  • The Inherent Challenges of U.S. Federal Employee Engagement Priorities Dom Nicastro | Jan. 25. As part of the Biden-Harris Management Agenda Vision, the US government intends to promote employee engagement by employing skilled, diverse staff, ensuring employees are heard, have growth opportunities and operate within a robust personnel system. It's a great investment for a company with a staff of 2.2 million people. But there are challenges.
  • We Know Chatbots Are Falling Short, But Why? Daniel Rodriguez | Jan. 25. Let's be honest: customer service chatbots have been a tremendous disappointment. The ability to escalate the discussion to a human is the most critical feature that clients expect from chatbot encounters. (This isn't good for the bot.) It's no wonder that some research groups have dubbed the current status of chatbots as a "failed revolution."
  • Enterprise Search Procurement: Proof of Concept or Pilot? Agnes Molnar | Jan. 26. A new search application in your organization for the new year? If that's the case, you're probably getting ready to weigh your options. In every firm, enterprise search is a valuable asset (or it should be). It's commonly employed in all types of businesses, divisions, job responsibilities and locations.
  • What's Behind Microsoft's Acquisition of Activision, Gaming? The Metaverse? Both? David Roe | Jan. 26. Since Microsoft announced its intentions to buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion — the company's largest acquisition — there has been a lot of conjecture about the company's intentions and whether this is truly about the metaverse and increasing its position in that market.
  • Understanding Web3's Supporting Blockchain Technology Scott Clark | Jan. 27. Web3 is one of the most popular buzzwords so far this year, and it is based on blockchain technology. This post seeks to de-mystify blockchain technology by describing how it works, discussing tokens and ledgers, and assisting us in gaining a better grasp of this critical technology.
  • What M&As in the Employee Communications Apps Market Mean for Communications Pros Jeff Corbin | Jan. 27. In the relatively new and rising sector of employee communications software, 2021 was a notable year for consolidations. The upward trend is expected to continue until 2022. Why? Because a significant demand for contemporary workplace communications solutions has emerged as a result of billions of people living in atypical times.
  • Clearing the Path for Future CIOs. Myles Suer | Jan. 27. It might feel like walking into the Wizard of Oz when it comes to being a CIO these days. "The path forward ... is like a yellow brick road," remarked CTO Stephen diFilipo recently. On the voyage, there are many unusual characters, including a scarecrow, a lion, and a tin guy. Not to mention a swarm of flying monkeys and a frightening character hiding behind a curtain.

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