Twitter subscriptions, legal implications of generative AI, metadata — there’s an increasing number of digital issues for companies to navigate.

These are just a few topics from this past week on CMSWire. Read on for these stories, how to make use of old content and more. 

Navigating the Growing Digital Realm

Let's take a glance through the highlights from CMSWire's past week:

  • Twitter Blue: Is Twitter Verification Worth It for Marketers? Michelle Hawley | April 7. Twitter has introduced a monthly subscription plan to pay for a blue checkmark and other capabilities. This article discusses ways to determine if Twitter Blue is a worthwhile investment, covering various subscription plans and the marketing perspective.
  • Need to Get Scrappy? Use Your DAM Metadata Jake Athey | April 7. Here’s a discussion on how to get value out of old content. Content creators and marketers can use metadata to effectively repurpose existing assets, enabling automation and machine learning systems to personalize content for various audiences and contexts.
  • Mastering UX/CX Design: Privacy Meets Omnichannel Harmony Dom Nicastro | April 6. This week, CMSWire airs an interview with Contributor Nav Thethi on the balance of employee experiences vs. CX, privacy and omnichannel approaches.
  • Reduce Customer Rage: Top Tips for Contact Center Success Phil Britt | April 6. When boosting CX, how can a company deal with customer angst? This article covers five tips on how to diffuse difficult situations and improve CX.
  • The Legal Implications of Generative AI David Weldon | April 5. The article addresses two of the most pressing legal concerns surrounding the use of generative AI tools: copyright violations and data privacy issues. Companies must ensure AI systems protect sensitive personal and confidential information to maintain compliance.

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