Digital experience platform Uniform, headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., announced on March 22, 2022, the acquisition of Headless Creator, a tailor-made headless CMS solution. 

"One of the biggest challenges brands face with headless and composable technology is understanding all the products in the market and how they fit together," Adam Conn, co-founder and EVP of Enablement at Uniform, told CMSWire.

This challenge must get solved for Uniform to succeed, Conn added. That's where Headless Creator comes in. Its community and extensive library of educational materials want to solve this problem.

Despite the merger, the Headless Creator brand, based nearby in San Dimas, Calif., will continue to exist as a distinct entity.

"Uniform is excited to nurture the talent and the potential of the Headless Creator Community," said Conn. 

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Uniform's First Acquisition

Despite being a relatively new business, founded in Jan. 2020, Uniform has already collaborated with open SaaS platform BigCommerce, according to a Nov. 2021 press release

The move was designed to help clients optimize their ecommerce strategies, allowing them to sell more and grow faster. 

Brands that take advantage of the two platforms can "quickly launch to adjust to market needs and create landing pages and campaigns. Merchants get access to no-code presentation management where business users can compose personalized shopping experiences," said Lars Birkholm Petersen, CEO at Uniform, in a press release.

The acquisition of Headless Creator, however, will be Uniform's first purchase, according to Conn.

"We are doing things differently than any other vendor because we understand digital complexities and want to address them differently," Conn explained.

Learning Opportunities

The software firm is focused on linking and coordinating content and data to create quick and consistent omnichannel digital experiences for global customers. With this merger, it intends to invest in the site's infrastructure, marketing and overall size. It also plans to host more events.

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A Focus on Community Growth

Headless Creator generates and distributes material that is both instructive and enjoyable to help users better grasp headless technology, keep their skills up to date and dive further into headless or composable difficulties.

In the Headless Creator community, participants are encouraged to share knowledge and network with other members. Around 2,000 people are actively involved in the community, holding jobs such as:

  • Creator
  • Developer
  • Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Content Author
  • Content Architect

Uniform plans to expand the community of people creating digitally composable experiences. 

"This community needs and deserves an investment in practical knowledge sharing. Uniform is committed to providing Headless Creator the resources to create even more content, and infrastructure to grow the community," said Conn.

With this merger, Marcelo Lewin will continue in the role of Head of Content & Community for Headless Creator, while also taking on the additional post of Head of Learning for Uniform. According to Conn, "Marcelo is an exceptional teacher and leader. Uniform employees, customers and partners will now have access to his knowledge and skills."

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