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Demandbase has baked artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its website personalization product in a move designed to help B2B marketers serve up relevant content and web pages for new and returning site visitors.

The B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform provider today released Site Optimization, a tool which leverages the machine learning and data science capabilities it acquired from Spiderbook in May 2016. Those capabilities can scale to analyze billions of web pages and target accounts, according to Demandbase officials.

'Next Frontier' of Personalization

"This marks the next step of putting artificial capabilities into our website personalization product, which we've had out on the market for a few years," Demandbase Chief Marketing Officer Peter Isaacson told CMSWire in an interview. "The idea behind it is to customize the website experience for any visitor coming to your site including the folks coming to your site for the first time that don't have a cookie on them. We're customizing that experience based on the company they're from, the industry they're in, the size of the company, location."

Delivering personalized website content based on that data is nothing new, Isaacson admitted. The new capabilities today, powered by AI, allow marketers to marry that information with an individual's website activity. 

San Francisco-based Demandbase’s AI technology makes website and content recommendations based on a combination of firmographic data, offsite business/behavioral data, historic traffic data and real-time visitor information. 

Demandbase primarily obtains information on web visitors through IP addresses. The AI engines automate testing, learning and optimization.

"This is the next frontier," Isaacson said. "It allows us to serve up recommended content for them to essentially shortcut the buyer's journey. It's a content and web page recommendation engine driven by AI."

Demandbase website personalization

'Hijacking' Buyer Journey

Demandbase CEO Chris Golec sees the Site Optimization engine as a way to hijack the buyer's journey. Too many marketers spend far too much time analyzing the buyer's journey and mapping steps they presume most buyers take, Isaacson added.

"They always take a 'here's what we want them to do' and not a 'here's what they want to do' approach," Isaacson told CMSWire. "It's a fool's errand. There are hundreds of different paths a buyer can take. Trying to push them down a path or predict the path you want for them is ridiculous." 

Demandbase "turns that on its head" with Site Optimization, he added, because it determines content with which buyers actually consume and engage.  

"You really recommend the best content to them at the right time," Isaacson said, "instead of trying to predict the path they should take."

Demandbase's announcement today coincides with the company's fourth annual Marketing Innovation Summit, taking place at Pier 27 in San Francisco.