G2 Crowd, a Chicago-based crowdsourcing website for enterprise software, announced today its annual list of top software companies in its 100 Best Software Companies 2018. G2 Crowd bases its list on customer reviews and market presence data to find which companies “best met customer needs.” To be considered for the G2 Crowd list, users must have shared at least 100 reviews on the company’s products on G2 Crowd between Jan. 7, 2017 and Jan. 7, 2018. Companies are scored based on an algorithm using many of the same factors included in G2 Crowd's Grid satisfaction and market presence score algorithms.

Here we take a look at the 10 that topped the list.

1. Slack

Slack took the cake here. The popular enterprise collaboration and chat tool says it “has you covered” when you need to start a project, hire a new employee, deploy some code and measure an A/B test. 

Slack has become so big so quickly — with a multi-billion valuation after starting in 2013 — that it is now makes national news when it goes down. It also seems every company is trying to get into the Slack App directory for integrations, too.

Slack scored a 76 on market presence and 100 on satisfaction for a total score of 94.

2. Shopify

The giant ecommerce provider was up 136 percent in its stock in 2017, which Brian Withers of the Motley Fool called an “amazing year.” It reported more than 500,000 customers as of Aug. 1, up more than 50 percent from the prior year.

Shopify scored a 76 on market presence and 99 on satisfaction for a total score of 94.

3. Google

Who is this newcomer Google? In all seriousness, the search giant lands here at No. 3. Not only does Google score high for places to work, but it’s customers gave it a big thumbs up here. It got some major praise at the CES 2018 show for its Google Assistant

Google scored a 92 on market presence (leading G2 Crowd’s charts) and 94 on satisfaction for a total score of 93.

4. MailChimp

The email service provider clocked in high, thanks to its super customer satisfaction score. MailChimp customers seem to love the product and also the unique campaigns and creative social presence. Not everyone’s a happy camper with MailChimp, but MailChimp never falls too far from customers’ graces.

MailChimp scored a 73 on market presence and 99 on satisfaction for a total score of 92.

5. Salesforce

It wouldn’t be a SaaS list without Salesforce, the CRM provider. You don’t see too many nasty rants about Salesforce’s software online. And there’s certainly plenty of good news about the company. “My team enjoys that Salesforce can give us a report of anything we require for moving our programs forward,” a G2 Crowd reviewer wrote about Salesforce

Salesforce scored an 85 on market presence and 94 on satisfaction for a total score of 92.

6. WordPress Foundation 

One of the most popular content management systems in the world, WordPress scored big from customers that use it for blogging and business. And it has a foundation that people love, too. The WordPress foundation was founded to "democratize publishing through Open Source, GPL software. “We love that WordPress is an open sourced platform with plenty of customization available,” a reviewer posted on G2 Crowd. “It can be used as a blank slate to build your own website from scratch, or you can access a huge library of themes to help you jumpstart your website project.”

Learning Opportunities

WordPress Foundation scored a 68 on market presence and a 100 on satisfaction (one of only five to score 100 on G2 Crowd’s list of 100 companies) for a total score of 92.

7. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is still going strong, providing users access to online surveys and metrics. One reviewer wrote, “Thanks to the design that SurveyMonkey has for the questionnaires, this facilitates the work of the client a lot and in this way it can more easily organize their questions and answers.”

SurveyMonkey scored a 64 on market presence and a 100 on satisfaction for a total score of 91.

8. Adobe

Known for its creative tools like Photoshop in its early days, Adobe has grown a billion-dollar digital marketing business. And people like it. More than 12,000 attendees came to Las Vegas for the Adobe Summit last year, its annual show. 

Adobe scored an 86 on market presence and a 92 on satisfaction for a total score of 91.

9. Zoom

People love their meetings and love using Zoom for it, according to G2 Crowd reviews. Zoom provides video and web conferencing services for businesses. It was right up there in the leaders category with Cisco and Microsoft in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions in September. 

Zoom scored a 66 on market presence and a 98 on satisfaction for a total score of 90.

10. HubSpot

Rounding out the top 10 for G2 Crowd is Cambridge, Massachusetts based marketing automation provider HubSpot. The popular tool and pioneer in the inbound marketing concept has a large fan following, evidenced by the 21,000 or so people who descended upon the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center last September for HubSpot’s annual INBOUND marketing conference.

HubSpot scored a 74 on market presence and a 95 on satisfaction for a total score of 90.

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