Boston-based Zmags, which offers the Creator digital experiences platform, unveiled Creator Connect on March 16 in a press release. This new solution will fuel the company's move towards headless, composable services that can integrate into any part of the customer journey.

Ryan Breen, chief technology officer at Zmags, told CMSWire that the new development would offer interactive, intelligent and eye-pleasing ecommerce applications, all without coding required.

"Our core platform is designed for rapid and visually stunning digital experiences," said Breen. "We give content creators and marketers the power to keep their sites interactive and fresh, breaking out of the typical grids and templates enforced by traditional eCommerce frameworks." 

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Creator Connect Will Increase Efficiency 

Zmags' foundational platform offers self-service technologies that enable marketers and designers to easily publish interactive content to the web and mobile apps. With Connect, brands will see more capabilities for composing consistent omnichannel ecommerce experiences. 

"Where our core platform provides interactive and visually compelling content, with Connect that content responds in real-time to the needs of your business," said Breen. 

Marketing, design and ecommerce decision-makers will benefit most from Creator Connect, allowing them to deploy compelling campaigns comparable to those created by software engineers.

Teams can recapture time spent constructing programs that they can now build and deliver within seconds. Instead of spending hours writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript to execute designs and concepts, they can instead focus on creating backend infrastructure and incorporating data science into their ecommerce structures. 

Some examples of how brands use Creator Connect include: 

  • To introduce new products to every portion of a website
  • To hide out of stock products, swap in available products and show correct delivery timeframes
  • To suggest relevant products to shoppers based on browsing history or other data 

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Feedback-Based Developments 

Content creation has always been at the core of Zmags, but the content has been stagnant, mandating clients to update and republish content in reaction to changing market circumstances, an often lengthy process. 

Learning Opportunities

Breen told CMSWire that this new development comes from a combination of customer feedback and internal innovation. 

“Each of the individual use-cases came from customer conversations, but they were typically requests to support a case at a time," said Breen. "We took those ideas and turned them into a framework where our customers can compose their own intelligent experiences to each problem they’re trying to solve."

Breen added, "The response has been gratifying. Our Customer Advisory Board’s consensus was: this is way more than we expected, and we can design things we hadn’t imagined."

What's Next for Zmags and Creator Connect?

Despite this recent launch, Zmags has more innovations to release in 2022.

An extension of the Interactive Email product is to come the first week of April. In particular, the company is introducing a connection with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allowing users to build more interactive and attractive emails.

Additionally, users of both SFCC and SFMC will reap significant benefits. This new capability will allow them to leverage Creator content across both clouds, resulting in a more uniform brand experience across all digital media, as well as a significant amount of time saved.

In the second quarter, Zmags plan to introduce Creator Optimize, which will sit on top of Content Control. This new tool will allow marketers to make educated judgments about what's working for customers without having to worry about historical limits preventing content from updating rapidly enough to keep up with evolving client preferences.

In the third quarter, users can expect the launch of Content Control, a platform for managing multiple versions of digital experiences at scale.

"Have an audience across 12 languages, four device types? Content Control lets you create a single experience that spans all those combinations. Transform a design file into an experience, link up all your language and device variants and any change you make to the core experience will instantly reflect across every permutation of the experience,” said Breen.  

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