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If you want to sell a specific product or service, there’s nothing quite like a landing page to get the job done. Well-designed landing pages — which are pages designed to serve as information-filled entry points for customers into a website or sales funnel — can help boost conversions significantly.

WordPress users are fortunate to have a huge range of landing pages plugins to help build, optimize and test landing pages for conversions. To help you find the best of the bunch, we’ve leaned on the list compiled by WPKube.

1. Thrive

Thrive comes with over 122 ready-made templates that are organized into different categories, helping you select the best template for your site.  

The developers behind Thrive are constantly creating new templates, so you will be able to experiment with more as time passes. If you choose not to use these templates, Thrive offers a drag-and-drop interface where you can customize the layout of your landing page to suit your requirements.

Finally, all templates are responsive and your landing page will maintain its look and feel on any device.

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2. OptimizePress

OptimizePress allows users to create responsive, search engine optimized and on-brand landing pages.  

The plugin comes with a live editor where you can see the changes you make to the content and layout in real-time. OptimizePress boasts over 40 different page elements to help you customize your landing page. Those elements include headline, testimonial blocks, progress bar and countdown timers.

3. Instabuilder

Instabuilder features a drag-and-drop interface that enables Wordpress users to create landing pages in a quickly and efficiently.

The plugin comes equipped with over 100 templates that can be customized to suit your needs. Instabuilder is a no-code solution, perfect for those who are non-tech savvy.

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4. Parallax Gravity

The Parallax Gravity plugin allows you to create a variety of landing page types. The landing page builder that comes with this plugin enables users to create multiple sections within a web page and also supports the creation and modification of various types of backgrounds in blogs and web pages.

Parallax Gravity also provides shortcode support to help you integrate with third-party plugins inside your landing pages.

5. WordPress Landing Pages

This free plugin enables WordPress users to create their own landing pages to increase their conversion rate. In addition, this plugin also enables users to run A/B split tests to check performance.

Users can design their landing page using their current theme or they can choose from a library of custom designs.

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6. Elementor

Elementor wasn't mentioned on WPKube's list, but the publication did give it a glowing review. As another easy-to-use WordPress landing page builder, Elementor has a user-friendly UI and comes with a variety of ready-made templates. The live editor allows users to add modules like headings, buttons, images, sliders and more.  

If you want to design your own landing page, Elementor’s canvas template provides you with a blank slate to create your own unique design and layout.  

7. Impact Template Editor

Looking for a WordPress landing page plugin that’s not designed for code novices? Impact Template Editor caters for designers and developers who possess good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The plugin gives users a real-time preview so you can view changes as and when you make them. It comes with 15 active widget areas and "Impact Hooks" where you can insert your custom code.

8. WP Lead Plus Squeeze Page Creator

If you are looking to grow your email list specifically, this plugin is worth looking into, as it helps users build squeeze pages — a page that only focuses on capturing emails.  

The plugin gives you access to over 15 ready-to-use templates to create either professional looking opt-in forms or pop-up forms. It also lets users; run A/B split tests, track conversion rates and add their own imagery.

9. SeedProd

Launching a new project? SeedProd lets you build coming soon pages to help you spread awareness and gather emails before launch day. You can also use the plugin to alert visitors when you site is down for maintenance. Since SeedProd is designed to gather emails, it integrates with leading email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Additional features include animations, access controls, social icons, and the ability to show your landing page on selected pages. 

Got any other handy WordPress landing page plugins? Share them with us in the comments below.