Bluecore, a New York City-based marketing automation provider, has entered the advertising space with Bluecore Ads.

Ads is clearly the second part of what the company called a two-pronged strategy when it released its Predictive Audiences app last month

With Bluecore Ads, brands can tap into email, site, customer, product or catalog data sets to develop new shopper segments and sync those audiences in personalized ad campaigns delivered through advertising channels like Facebook, Google AdWords and Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs).

The company promises the application will integrate into existing marketing, advertising technologies, workflows and advertising platforms without problematic data ingest processes.

Breaking Away From Email

Bluecore has built a solid reputation in email marketing, so the move into advertising is a logical — if perhaps surprising — next step. 

The company clearly sees email as a springboard for a move into the broader MarTech and AdTech space.

“We’ve always believed that email was the jumping off point for the Bluecore platform, and that if we develop the platform appropriately it would lend itself to cross-channel campaign orchestration quite easily,” Max Bennett, co-founder and vice president of product told CMSWire.

Originally founded as TriggerMail in 2013, the company rebranded as Bluecore in Jan. 2015. It has raised $28.22 million in four rounds from six investors including FirstMark Capital, Corazon Capital and Felicis Ventures.

The company claims more than 180 customers across apparel, electronics, automotive and other consumer brands and aims to win new customers in new verticals with its latest releases.

Tapping into the Granular Customer Data

Bluecore Ads taps into catalog updates and customer behavior to deliver personalized ads on price decreases, sale announcements, post-purchase cross-sells and communications about new arrivals. The ads can be delivered to both anonymous or known users, by matching cookies or mobile IDs with previous behavior. 

“Retailers have blindly marketed to consumers who merely browse their sites. Bluecore Ads enables marketers to advance digital advertising campaigns by targeting consumers through more granular segmentation and predictive tools, and by using product catalog data to move beyond the 'you browsed' or 'you abandoned' message,” Bennett said.

“Also, with our one-line-of-code access to product catalog, site and customer data, new customers can launch a campaign in a matter of weeks. Bluecore Ads does not require a lengthy data ingestion process or the involvement of an IT team. It’s layered on top of existing workflows, so there’s no need to learn new processes or introduce new technologies.”

Bluecore takes care of the content creation and delivery and leaves the ad bidding to integrations with MediaMath, Facebook and Google.

A Springboard for What's Next

Some following Bluecore's development may be surprised by the new direction as the company previously shied away from the ad world. This is a first, and Bennett sees it as a new business area for the company.

He describes it as Bluecore’s entrée into the advertising space.

“Our differentiator is our ability to access and integrate product catalog data into our platform, which allows merchants to quickly act on their customer data. The combination of generating audiences based on first-party data, predictive algorithms and product catalog mutations ensures we can create audiences on the ad side that were previously not possible,” he said.

When asked about questions of privacy, Bennett quickly pointed out that Bluecore complied with all privacy regulations.

“We do not use third party data — all email recipients have opted into the retailers’ marketing programs and we work within those lists. We use that email data to identify users in other channels, like site browsing, to provide a more comprehensive, cross-channel experience,” Bennett said. 

“Rather than gathering and analyzing third-party data from other websites, which is less accurate and what end customers refer to as 'creepy,' our clients use exclusive, readily available, data that is willingly produced by the customer to employ targeted prospecting."

For the moment Bluecore is watching how the Ads and Predictive Audiences release works out. Bennett did not give specifics about what's next for Bluecore, but simply pointed out that, “it is customer usage and feedback that drives new ways in which we can bring value to the ecosystem.”