Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard
Campaign Monitor CEO Alex Bard thinks "data is the fuel of the future."

Campaign Monitor has acquired customer data platform provider Tagga in a deal designed to help users "democratize behavioral customer data."

Campaign Monitor, which has offices in Sydney, San Francisco, New York City and London, expects Tagga's technology to help it better leverage data within its email marketing platform. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Data is the fuel of the future," Alex Bard, CEO of Campaign Monitor, said. "It’s growing faster than ever before and marketers need to continually capture that behavioral data, extract insights and take action."

With Tagga, Campaign Monitor will be "the marketer's behavioral data-driven CRM, powering more effective ways for marketers to engage with customers.”

Vancouver, British Columbia-based Tagga is a B2C marketing intelligence platform that consolidates fragmented data to create a single customer view. Campaign Monitor CMO Andrea Wildt said it will help Campaign Monitor customers who want to address B2C marketing scenarios, which typically involve more fragmented data.

These customers need scalable software that keeps track of millions of customers and their associated behavioral data to segment and personalize engagement, she added. Tagga helps leverage data from email subscribers who browse websites, engage with social channels and shop.

"We're solving that through Tagga," Wildt told CMSWire. "We're democratizing behavioral customer data through a next-generation B2C CRM. We're bringing together meaningful, accessible, rich, behavioral data together into one single place.

Additive Data

Wildt cited Flight Centre Travel Group, which uses Tagga to collect data through its booking, social and email channels to create behavioral segments by persona to send personalized emails.

Tagga brings Campaign Monitor an additive data set, according to Sateja Parulekar, head of product marketing at Campaign Monitor.

"We already enable customers to bring in all data from all sources through our API and our pre-built integrations," she said.

"Bringing Tagga into this really allows for a new type of data. It's really additive. It's the new world of behavioral data capturing all the events, what people are doing and how they're engaging on a website through information from an ecommerce platform as well as any homegrown systems or backend systems all into once place. It's reconciling all of that data with a single person, the customer."

Second Acquisition

This is Campaign Monitor's second acquisition. It acquired online survey provider GetFeedback in 2014.

Tagga brings about 50 employees to Campaign Monitor, which already has about 250 employees.

Pricing and availability of Tagga will be integrated into Campaign Monitor’s platform with a beta offering expected this year.