Don't try to sell anyone at e-Spirit on the notion that content at king.

For the team behind the FirstSpirit web content management system (CMS), content is much more. In fact, it calls content the foundation of digital transformation. And today it's launching a Corporate Content Cloud initative to prove it.

Oliver Jaeger, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications with e-Spirit, defined Corporate Content Cloud as an initative that underscores how content drives digital transformation. It's about using content more effectively and consistently to improve the customer experience across touchpoints and throughout the entire customer journey, he added.

Best-of-Breed CMS

The Corporate Content Cloud augments the FirstSpirit CMS, which is a technology-agnostic, best-of-breed platform. It's designed to pull together all of a company's technologies and content and unify its content strategy.

It includes on-site planning sessions, a content engine and technical support to build a Corporate Content Cloud as well as integration of resources and strategies for future proofing integration technologies.

The objective, Jaeger said, is to deliver the right content at the right time through the right channel to the right people. In short, it's about publishing accurate, relevant content across channels and devices.

e-spirit's corporate content cloud

Realigning Your Technology

What's digital transformation?

Jaeger describes it as the result of aligning all your technologies with your organizational business models to develop digitally engaged customers.

“Companies need to change the way they think about content and how they deliver it to the customer for maximum impact," he said.

Content Cloud supports this transformation, he claimed, because it helps businesses engage customers everywhere, whether that is a physical location, online, on the phone or browsing a catalog. Unlike traditional content management, it is broader in scope.

Digital transformation is a key organizational challenge and opportunity. According to Gartner, a digital commerce site now averages 15 integration points through things like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, web content management, storage, analytics and payment processes.

And there is more to come. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential turn a few touchpoints that are already difficult to manage into hundreds or even thousands.

Unifying Content

Jaeger said companies need to find a way to unify the systems and applications they use across offices and geographies. Each office creates enormous amounts of content in real time, which is often stored in unconnected silos.

If it works as promised, the Corporate Content Cloud will breaks down those silos and enable organizations to create a single content view. That can help marketers develop a single corporate marketing message based on all of the organization’s content.

The Corporate Content Cloud includes:

  • FirstSpirit CMS, which allows organizations to implement targeted omnichannel digital customer engagement programs
  • Global user experience, driven by tools to develop both the front- and back-ends
  • Best-of-breed integration through an open and extensible CMS
  • Support for multiple global websites with support for native languages, integration with translation platforms and content reuse capabilities

Ultimately, Jaeger boasts, the Corporate Content Cloud will give workers across the organization a better view of all the company's content and the tools they need to build a single customer facing content strategy.