Somerville, Mass.-based Evergage is integrating artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning into its the real-time personalization platform.

Evergage CMO Andy Zimmerman said the new solution, Evergage Guardian, provides marketers with up-to-the-minute data, performance visualizations and proactive suggestions for improving digital interactions with customers across websites and mobile apps.

Draws Insights From Data

"Evergage has provided machine learning capabilities for some time now – primarily through our product and content recommendations engine – for the benefit of website visitors. With Guardian, we’re leveraging many of the same algorithms and constructs to now provide invaluable benefits to the marketer as well.

"Ultimately, we believe Guardian will change the way marketers approach, consume and interact with analytics data," he told CMSWire.

Using insights from thousands of data points, it works to help marketers optimize their digital marketing campaigns. As Zimmerman enthusiastically explained, "It will save marketers enormous amounts of time and improve their effectiveness by applying advanced machine learning for identifying and prioritizing specific ways to optimize business results."

Zimmerman said the technology would help marketers make sense of today's seemingly endless supply of data. "It is nearly impossible for a single person — or a team of people — to monitor and manage the enormous volume of potentially relevant information, let alone act on it," he continued.

Evergage Guardian constantly monitors a company’s website, mobile app and campaign data, and then surfaces optimization opportunities and potential issues, prioritized based on potential impact on the business. That helps marketers immediately see the most relevant analytics data so it can be acted upon in a timely manner, he explained.

Detects Normal, Abnormal Patterns

Available at no additional cost to its customers, Evergage Guardian uses “pattern” detection to identify "the unique pulse of each business’s digital properties." It continuously monitors and recognizes variations between normal and abnormal traffic, campaigns, business goal and performance patterns.

Learning Opportunities

This enables Evergage Guardian to project metrics to help marketers optimize current and future performance, Zimmerman said, adding that It also reduces the time required to identify performance issues from days to minutes.

"Imagine if you are hit by a technical issue that causes a site slowdown. The IT department may know about it, but marketing does not. Instead of spending all day hunting through your data to understand why conversion rates are down, Guardian would alert both marketing and IT users about the performance slowdown and its potential impact on revenue, enabling you to react quickly to address the issue," he explained.

Evergage Guardian weights the signals it uncovers to help marketers understand their relative importance. It can even email relevant people about specific problems and opportunities.

Reduces Complexity, Simplifies Processes

Zimmerman is confident Evergage Guardian will improve results, reduce complexity and simplify existing processes.

It can, for example, it can help marketers optimize current and future campaign performance. "Not only does this include personalization opportunities, such as which segments should be targeted or which recommendation strategy should be tuned, but also other opportunities such as email or PPC campaign performance," he said.

"Guardian may recognize that a back-to-school email campaign is outperforming predicted benchmarks. With this insight, a marketer could choose to extend the email campaign to more people in order to maximize its impact."