Integrate, a B2B Precision Demand Marketing (PDM) supplier, announced Precision Social and cross-channel insights for its Demand Acceleration Platform at Forrester's B2B Summit North America.

As part of Integrate's cross-channel activation services, Precision Social joins Precision Syndication, Precision Digital and Precision Events as new additions to the portfolio. Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform's new cross-channel Insights experience receives data from various products. In-person and virtual events, social media, content distribution, digital advertising and in-person and virtual events data are now all integrated into the single platform for B2B marketers.

Deb Wolf, chief marketing officer at Integrate, told CMSWire that Integrate’s launch of Precision Social and Cross-Channel Insights allows B2B marketers to have one platform that brings together data from social, content syndication, digital ads and in-person and virtual events.

Managing Marketing Campaigns Across Demand Channels

Precision Social enables users to activate target account lists in social and measure engagement at the account level. This solution rounds out Integrate’s cross-channel activation offerings.

Using Account-Based Marketing (ABM) or intent vendors, marketers may import their target account lists into Integrate and execute marketing campaigns across channels, including social, content syndication, digital advertising and in-person and virtual events.

Marketers can ensure compliance and data integrity and can analyze efforts across channels from a single, unified perspective. As a result, marketing operations teams may use a cross-channel perspective of performance to justify spending and understand the cross-channel route to conversion and the effect on revenue.

B2B companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Akamai and Pluralsight use Integrate.

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Marketers Need Personalized Campaigns 

“The buying process is increasingly digital and multi-channel, and in order to reach the right buyers with the right message at the right point in their buying journey, B2B marketers need to create more precise and personalized cross-channel buying experiences,” said Wolf. “That’s why we added Precision Social to Integrate’s Demand Acceleration Platform to support B2B marketers activate campaigns on social."

Learning Opportunities

Cross-channel activation is a major problem for B2B marketers, Wolf said. Precision Social enhances the marketing capabilities of marketers, particularly by integrating LinkedIn campaigns into the mix of other channels customers use to make business choices, she added.

For B2B marketers, Insights provides a comprehensive, cross-channel perspective of campaign success across all channels. B2B marketers have struggled to get real-time campaign results across channels, according to Wolf, who cited customer feedback and internal research as key indicators.

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What’s Next For Integrate?

Integrate will devote more resources to assisting B2B marketers in creating cross-channel buyer experiences to their customers. It will continue to offer account-level data as well as a more comprehensive knowledge of purchasing group activity across accounts. Its forthcoming product roadmap will feature flexible integrations, increased enterprise scalability and ongoing upgrades to the product experience and governance engine.

This week's news comes after product advancements that enable an omnichannel, linked and adaptable Precision Demand Marketing strategy, as well as optimization of ABM target account lists.

Integrate launched new features in the fall of 2021, including campaign source types, an events insights dashboard, webinar integrations with BrightTALK and ON24, account web analytics, contextual reporting for digital ads and ABM target account list optimization.

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