B2B data provider MeritB2B, announced its acquisition of True Influence last week. The company sees the acquisition as creating a "powerful and unique" to create— bringing together MeritB2B's data, analytics and performance marketing capabilities with True Influence's intent-based, AI-driven account-based marketing and demand generation capabilities.

According to MeritB2B — its now-combined forces with True Influence enables the company to provide full-funnel end-to-end solutions, providing B2B marketers with the necessary elements to create successful omnichannel campaigns. The company also says it will now be able to provide B2B and enterprise technology CMOs with a "comprehensive B2B database, advanced intent technology, artificial intelligence and automation, as well as extensive research and human touch, at scale."

The combined company is set to have more than 500 employees globally. According to CEO Rob Sanchez, it will combine MeritB2B and True Influence's power to deliver better B2B marketing solutions.

"With the combination of MeritB2B and True Influence, the B2B industry and B2B CMOs get the best data-driven marketing solution for their business, including robust demand generation and technology enabled ABM capabilities that are truly future-proof," said Sanchez. "With an exclusive focus on B2B marketing needs, our own world-class data resource, and the ability to activate that data with leading edge marketing cloud technology, B2B CMOs get a full funnel offering that will grow with their evolving needs. We believe this combination represents the future of B2B marketing."

Learning Opportunities

True Influence sees itself as an ideal partner for MeritB2B — as it continues to build its name in B2B data products. Its co-founder and chief technology officer RK Maniyani sees MeritB2B's recent acquisition as an opportunity to innovate.

"True Influence was built on category defining technology to help B2B marketers and CMOs make smarter marketing decisions throughout the customer funnel and drive growth for their organizations," Maniyani. "We are thrilled to join MeritB2B, to continue to innovate and to deliver both out-of-the box and custom solutions for today's and tomorrow's B2B marketers."

Moving forward as one — the two companies look to combine their data-driven solutions and technology to deliver value to clients. MeritB2B will now power True Influence's demand generation engine, along with integration into the True Influence Marketing Cloud.

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