Sendinblue, a digital marketing provider, has acquired MeetFox, a video conferencing and scheduling solution. With the addition of MeetFox, Sendinblue will be able to expand its existing marketing, sales and communication product lines, according to Steffen Schebesta, CEO North America & VP of Corporate Development at Sendinblue.

The integration of MeetFox's payment system, which allows customers to handle credit card payments and produce automatic invoices, is a significant step forward for the company, according to Schebesta. He added Sendinblue expects to integrate the whole MeetFox solution suite within the next 12 months. Similar to the acquisitions in the past, MeetFox will continue to exist. Sendinblue plans to eventually brand the company as "MeetFox by Sendinblue."

"This acquisition allows different teams to collaborate and benefit from a fresh infusion of new ideas and perspectives on how to further improve our business for SMBs," Schebesta told CMSWire. "At Sendinblue, we pride ourselves on the fact that we’re a global company with 500+ employees representing over 67 nationalities."

MeetFox in Line With Recent Acquisitions 

MeetFox marks the fourth acquisition in just the last six months and the sixth acquisition since the company’s founding in 2012. Last September, Sendinblue announced the acquisitions of chatbot tool Chatra, analytics solution Metrilo and push notification tool PushOwl. These acquisitions allowed the company to enhance its ecommerce product offerings for small and medium-sized businesses. Using these tools, customers can now scale and streamline marketing efforts while driving impactful customer experiences, according to Schebesta.

Sendinblue looks for companies that can help expand product offerings and complement its team. At the core of any acquisition it makes, it keeps in mind how it will benefit customers and employees. "When we spoke to the MeetFox team," Schebesta said, "we saw clear alignment on our product vision and company culture."

Small- to medium-sized businesses have been particularly affected since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Sendinblue noticed a surge in demand for digital marketing solutions that streamline points of consumer connection in order to aid in business development and expansion. Company officials found that Meetfox's scheduling, payment and video conferencing features were of considerable benefit to both of the enterprises, and that they could provide better value to their customers as a result, according to Schebesta.

Learning Opportunities

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Acquisition to Address 'Marketing Pain Points'

Sendinblue expects customers to use innovative ways to leverage new MeetFox connections to automate and address marketing pain points. The sales process and customer service are two areas where they expect to see quick improvements, according to Schebesta. MeetFox's video solution integration will enable small and medium-sized businesses to generate more leads and drive sales through a new revenue channel, which will allow them to engage with prospects directly and monetize consultation conversations, he added.

Sendinblue is coming off the debut of its email campaign carbon calculator last month, which allows clients to link email campaigns to specific carbon footprint goals. It also identified ways to directly reduce their carbon footprint as a result of their carbon footprint study.

Going forward, Sendinblue intends to deliver additional product features and improvements in the coming months that will further assist small and medium-sized businesses in building meaningful relationships with their consumers and increasing sales.

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