Being in the right place at the right time, in front of the right audience, is every marketer’s goal. But getting there first is a dream.

And while trendspotting has always been an art of sorts, it's quickly becoming a science in a data driven world.

If you’re a sales and marketing technology firm like Salesforce, providing such capabilities to your customers can yield competitive advantages. That’s probably why Salesforce acquired Palo Alto, Calif.-based MinHash, which provides “assistive intelligence and data science for enterprises."

Spreading the News

We say "probably" because Salesforce hasn't announced the news yet, as Kate McLaughlin, product marketing manager at Salesforce, was quick to insist to CMSWire today. 

But MinHash has, right on its homepage:

“We’re excited to share the news that the MinHash team is joining Salesforce. At Salesforce, we will continue to pursue our passion for search, data science and machine learning on a much broader scale."

Whether Salesforce was interested primarily in MinHash’s product or its talent, we won’t know unless Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff decides to comment.

Learning Opportunities

Talented Bunch

But either way, Salesforce is getting an A team that includes MinHash cofounder Naren Chittar, who honed his data science and search skills at eBay; cofounder Jayesh Govindarajan, who led a global organization of 400 plus engineers, designers and new product introduction teams building enterprise collaboration, messaging and analytic products at Avaya; Anuprit Kale, the company’s founding engineer, whose Linkedin profile highlights employment at Appthority, Pact and Avaya; and Edgar Velasco, who spent four months at eBay before he graduated from Stanford in 2014. 

MinHash’s flagship product is Aila, which the company describes as “Your personal, AI driven marketing media maven.”

The company’s website claims that its machine learning engine “scans 1000's of media posts, tracking trending keywords and social signals, manages workflows, and coordinates campaigns to focus on what’s important, the trend.”

MinHash’s platform is due to shut down in January of 2016.