Marketing automation provider Act-On Software released a social media module today that's designed to tie social behavior into key marketing goals like lead generation and attribute revenue back to specific social campaigns and channels.

The Portland, Ore.-based provider said its Advanced Social Media Module includes publishing, listening and reporting capabilities to help marketers "better understand the value social media brings to their business."

Although Act-On already had social media marketing tools built on top of its marketing automation platform, the advancements released today will help marketers better assess customer experience — from awareness and acquisition through retention and loyalty.

"Brand awareness is critical and social is a key channel for that," Adam Mertz, senior director of product marketing for Act-On Software, told CMSWire. "But it hasn't had a direct connection to other areas that marketers are often times responsible for." 

Connecting to Demand Gen

The primary goal for the new social media tool is to connect social to the demand generation engine, according to Act-On officials. 

"How are those social posts helping to move leads down the funnel?" asked Paige Musto, senior director of corporate marketing for Act-On Software. "How are they converting? How is revenue generated?"

act-on listening streams screenshot

Act-On's going after what seems to be an age-old question for digital marketers: how can I get ROI out of social media marketing?

Act-On's new tool allows marketers to use social behaviors across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ to automatically score, segment and nurture buyers. In addition, they can track the conversions of social leads and attribute revenue back to specific social campaigns and channels. 

Social engagements can be now become predictive indicators of a buyer’s interest.

Learning Opportunities

"We're trying to tie social more to the key goals marketers have across the board," Mertz said. "Our Advanced Social Media Module ties social behavior to other behaviors we're already capturing inside our marketing automation platform."

Adam Mertz

When a prospect clicks on a link from a tweet, for example, and their information becomes known, it connects to their behavioral profile. It brings together social behavior with other digital activity to provide marketers with richer information for further segmentation.

Listening Streams, Advocacy

Act-On’s Social Media Module allows marketers to:

  • Create listening streams for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook under a single UI   
  • Engage (like, comment, share, retweet) directly from the UI to comments posted on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+
  • Publish assets from existing lead generation campaigns created in Act-On or associate posts to pre-existing campaigns
  • Nurture and score leads generated from social campaigns and segment buyers based on behaviors and interests
  • Push social media posts onto the "advocacy board" for access and sharing by employee and customer advocates
  • Report on campaign performance across social channels and individual advocates including clicks, leads, opportunities and revenue generated

“Social media is a critical channel for marketers and should not be executed in a silo. It must be integrated into the overall marketing strategy to realize its full potential,” Kevin Bobowski, CMO of Act-On Software, said in a statement. “Act-On’s Advanced Social Media Module empowers marketers to leverage social data to deliver more personalized, real-time experiences for prospects and customers, resulting in better conversions and more loyal advocates.”    

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