Clearbit, a marketing intelligence company, has announced a new integration to support G2 buyer intent data in their platform.

“Marketers know that engaging the right companies at the right time is key, but with increased pressure to build high-quality pipeline, it’s never been more critical,” Harlow Ward, CTO at Clearbit, said in a statement. “With G2 and Clearbit, teams can now leverage the powerful combination of company fit and buyer intent to focus their funnel and even use Clearbit Capture to discover key buyers and contacts at their best-fit, high-intent prospects.”

Company officials said customers of G2 and Clearbit can now access all relevant G2 buyer intent signals directly in Clearbit’s data activation platform.

"Buyer intent data is a secret weapon for leading B2B marketers,” Christine Li, VP of growth & enablement at G2, said in a statement. “Clearbit's integration with G2 helps marketers take that data even further — driving more streamlined actions for sales, intent-based revenue, and realizing the full potential of account-based marketing.”

In other customer experience and digital marketing news ...

Tealium Launches the Identity Partner Ecosystem

Tealium, a customer data platform (CDP) company, has announced the recent launch of their Identity Partner Ecosystem.

Company officials said the Identity Partner Ecosystem integrates Tealium’s CDP with market-identity providers to deliver intelligence and analytics for marketers to personalize customer experiences.

“Our partnerships with leading identity providers give businesses the option to merge their valuable first- and third-party data with Tealium’s AudienceStream™ CDP profiles in real time and at scale,” Josh Wolf, director of partner solutions consulting at Tealium, said in a statement. “Every business should strive to best understand their prospects and customers, and this will help them do so. Tealium then helps these businesses act on this understanding by ensuring a personalized experience at every online and offline touchpoint.”

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Comcast RISE Reaches Program Goal

Comcast Corporation, a media and technology company, has announced that Comcast RISE, an initiative created in 2020 to help strengthen and empower small businesses hard hit by COVID-19, has met its goal of supporting 13,000 small businesses nationwide by the program’s close at the end of 2022.

According to company, with the program’s commitment now fulfilled, Comcast will introduce a new phase in 2023 to continue the company’s efforts to assist small businesses.

“We are incredibly proud of the work that the Comcast RISE team has done over its two-year term to help the small businesses we’ve worked with to not only survive, but also to thrive,” Teresa Ward-Maupin, senior VP of digital and customer experience at Comcast Business, said in a statement. “We recognize that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and look forward to taking our learnings from this program as we find new ways to further empower and strengthen even more small businesses and entrepreneurs at the heart of our local communities."

Symend Gains $40M in Funding

Symend, a SaaS company, has announced it raised $40 million led by Inovia Capital. Company officials said the funds will go to further accelerate its growth and global market expansion.

”As Symend rapidly expands and closes one of Canada’s top FinTech raises of the year, this latest financing cements its position as a changemaker within digital customer engagement,” Dennis Kavelman, partner at Inovia Capital, said in a statement. “Enterprises are seeing the value of Symend through its ability to help decrease delinquencies and retain revenue while delivering a hyper-personalized approach that increases customer loyalty. The demand for Symend’s technology continues to increase and we are excited to help fuel the next phase of growth.”

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Yahoo ConnectID Announces Partnerships

Yahoo has announced the continued scale of its cookie-less identity solution, Yahoo ConnectID, with five new interoperability partnerships, including Annalect’s Omni ID, Alliant, AdPredictive, ShareThis and Tealium.

“Two industry changes are accelerating adoption of Yahoo ConnectID,” Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, chief revenue officer at Yahoo, said in a statement. “First, in today’s digital environment, every dollar counts, making it critical for advertisers and publishers to ensure campaigns are relevant, measurable and performing. Secondly, advertisers and publishers are beginning to realize the importance of not only preserving addressability but addressing the non-addressable as well. This has helped Yahoo’s solutions scale quickly across advertisers and publishers to become among the most adopted and interoperable.” 

Fast Simon Introduces Audiences

Fast Simon, an ecommerce conversion optimization platform company, has announced the availability Audiences, a new personalization module.

According to company officials, Audiences will allow merchants to personalize for anonymous shopper, use time frames to create specified relevant groups, determine audience segment,

define audiences and apply past and current shopper data.

“Personalization is indispensable in making customers feel valued and in creating customer loyalty, trust, and engagement,” Zohar Gilad, co-founder and CEO of Fast Simon said in a statement. “Too often, merchants personalize a sliver of the customer journey or remarket only to current customers. Fast Simon is taking personalization to the next level. Our AI uses real-time personalization in collections, search, and recommendations, based on shopper behavior and intent, which translates to a much higher conversion rate.”

Bloomreach Unveils New Snapchat Ad Integration

Bloomreach, a digital marketing and content management company, has announced an integration with Snapchat ads through Bloomreach Engagement.

“Social media hasn't just impacted ecommerce — it has reshaped shopping expectations for a generation that’s about to harness most of the spending power across the globe,” Amanda Elam, CMO at Bloomreach, said in a statement. “For Gen Z, the shopping journey by definition crosses channels, often starting with social media. They expect to discover, learn about, and even purchase products directly from their social platforms. This is a critical channel in every marketing strategy, and with our new Snapchat integration, we’re helping marketers utilize it in a way that drives more efficient ad spend and more relevant experiences for customers.”

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