ICIMS, a talent cloud company, has announced the acquisition of Candidate.ID, which provides marketing automation software. Candidate.ID offers lead scoring and automated marketing campaigns in the recruiting process.

“From my time leading Marketo, I know firsthand the transformational power of marketing automation,” Steve Lucas, CEO of iCIMS, said in a press release. 

Here's what Candidate.ID does, according to company officials:

  • Provides unique lead scoring
  • Reengages existing database of candidates
  • Delivers automated, personalized recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Engages candidates at scale
  • Automates candidate engagement tasks
  • Provides management of multi-step candidate engagement workflows with customizable omnichannel campaigns

“When we started Candidate.ID five years ago, we were on a mission to solve real recruitment challenges with marketing automation software,” Adam Gordon, CEO of Candidate.ID, said in a press release.

“Our marketing workflows automatically adapt with every candidate click to deliver unique, personalized experiences, while generating data which enables recruiters to be more productive. With iCIMS, our shared vision will enable us to accelerate the adoption of marketing automation technology, for the benefit of recruiters, candidates and hiring managers around the world.”

In other customer experience and marketing software news...

Sitecore Reveals Updated Product Suite

Sitecore, a digital experience software provider, is putting its acquisitions to work. It has announced it has fully integrated the core products from the acquisitions of Boxever, Four51, Moosend and Reflektion into its Digital Experience Platform (DXP). 

"Sitecore is committed to delivering a composable DXP that meets the continuously changing needs of brands — unifying content, experience and commerce, enabling them to offer exceptional customer experiences while continuing to innovate for whatever demands are around the corner," Dave O’Flanagan, chief product officer of Sitecore, said in a press release.

Here's how Sitecore has integrated its acquisitions:

  • Sitecore OrderCloud (Four51): Includes order routing flexibility, supplier empowerment, inventory records and pricing flexibility.
  • Sitecore Send (Moosend): Now includes six additional languages, including Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese and Portuguese. Send is a marketing automation and campaign management platform.
  • Sitecore Discover (Reflektion): Includes Commerce Engagement Console (CEC) with a revamped appearance library and editor. Discover is an AI-powered digital search platform.
  • Sitecore Personalize (Boxever): Now integrates with Sitecore Experience Manager and offers a channel diagnostic testing and real-time personalization capability

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Namogoo Launches OS for Online Customer Journeys 

Namogoo, an ecommerce provider, has launched the Customer Journey OS (Customer Journey Operating System).

"With Customer Journey OS, you can close the gap between gathering, cleansing and integrating data and focus on executing the perfect online journeys," Chemi Katz, co-founder and CEO of Namogoo, said in a blog post. "You can fully maximize your marketing stack to deliver hyper-meaningful journeys based on shoppers’ real-time needs and wants."

Namogoo's OS will automatically standardize and activate data across tools and use it throughout marketing stacks, according to Katz. Namogoo’s AI brain suggests smart insights and predictions that will drive conversions, he added.

Learning Opportunities

Salesforce Announces Service, Marketing Updates 

Salesforce has introduced Service and Marketing Cloud features that include AI-powered conversational intelligence, mobile offline access to relevant information and Customer Data Platform innovations.

Service Cloud updates include: 

  • Contact Lens for Amazon Connect offers conversational transcription, real-time sentiment analysis and real-time supervisor alerts and will be natively supported for customers using Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect.
  • Service Cloud partners Google Cloud and Genesys offer telephone connectors that integrate phone and customer data, automate call transcriptions and notes and enable agents to receive real-time suggestions while they’re on a customer call.

Marketing Cloud updates include:

  • The next generation of Customer Data Platform, formerly known as Salesforce CDP. Includes Streaming Insights and Data Actions, Advanced Identity Resolution and Anonymous Profiles.
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly known as Datorama, provides analytics and AI insights. Includes new enhancements to Intelligence Reports for Engagement and analysis of deep data sets with new interactive visualization tools to compare currencies, channels, campaigns, time series, business units and more.

Customer Data Platform features, Intelligence features and Visual Remote Assistant self-scheduling are currently available. Service Cloud Voice Genesys connector, Service Cloud Voice Integration with AWS Contact Lens and Field Service Multi-Level Offline Briefcase are expected to be generally available this summer. Service Cloud Voice Google Contact Center AI Platform connector will be available this fall.

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RainFocus Hires First Chief Customer Officer

RainFocus, an event marketing platform, has named Brian Wilson as chief customer officer. He'll work on digital transformation of event strategies and the convergence of events and marketing.

Wilson comes from Experity, which provides on-demand care solutions. There, he was also chief customer officer.

"Customer-centricity is at the core of an organization's successful growth strategy," Wilson said in a press release. "I'm eager to play a critical role at RainFocus and introduce new ways of delivering unparalleled experiences while continuing to exceed customer expectations. RainFocus does a phenomenal job propelling their customers' journeys forward, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this innovative team."

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