NICE, which provides customer experience software, has announced the expansion of its partnership with Google and the optimization of CXone for Chrome OS. NICE with the move joins Google’s Chrome Enterprise Recommended program. This allows CXone, NICE's customer experience platform, to meet the technical bar set by Google to be considered as an optimized solution for devices across the Chrome OS ecosystem for use in contact centers.

Chrome OS users can leverage CXone’s enterprise-grade platform with its unified suite of CX applications including AI-powered conversational self-service, knowledge management, AI-powered omnichannel contact routing (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), predictive dialer, workforce engagement, CX analytics and more.

"We are dedicated to bringing the best experience for contact center agents and IT administrators to Chrome OS, and in that spirit are excited to welcome NICE CXone to our Chrome Enterprise Recommended ecosystem," Thomas Riedl, director of product for Chrome OS Enterprise and Education, said in a press release.

Chrome OS is a cloud-first operating system that can secure and optimize contact centers while supporting remote agents. Additionally, the Chrome OS team recently launched the contact center solution track for the Chrome Enterprise Recommended program.

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news ... Announces Partnership With Spaceback, an advertising automation platform, has announced a partnership with Social Display advertising company Spaceback. The new offering allows advertisers to automatically convert social media content into programmatic display ads.’s strategic partnership with Spaceback gives customers a social media presence to translate social media posts into creative assets that are pre-configured for activation on the platform. The new offering automatically generates recreations of a brand’s social media posts into banner ad sizes, including in-banner video, giving the appearance of native social posts.

Social Display with Spaceback supports all major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Reactions such as likes and comments on the original post update in real-time on the corresponding display ads. The fully automated process will track advanced engagement metrics. 

SugarCRM Introduces Integrated Playbook Functionality

SugarCRM, which provides an AI-driven CRM platform, has introduced integrated “playbook” functionality to support guided selling and advanced CRM process automation.

The no-code toolset enables business users to design, visualize and automate sales, service and marketing processes. SugarCRM customers can create playbooks and templates for sales plays, sales methodologies, guided selling, service processes, lead nurturing and more. The goal is to give users access to repeatable processes and workflows.

The functionality comes through the acquisition of AddOptify, a provider of guided selling solutions for SugarCRM customers. AddOptify has been providing the Customer Journey Plugin™ for SugarCRM since 2016, enabling mid-market companies to translate their customer engagement best practices into playbooks.

Learning Opportunities

Rich Green, SugarCRM chief technology officer and chief product officer, said in a press release the playbook also reflects Sugar’s commitment to offer more no-code/low-code capabilities.

In the near future, Sugar plans to provide additional out-of-the-box playbooks and templates for processes including lead qualification, customer on-boarding, case management, troubleshooting and other customer interactions spanning the sales, marketing and service realms. 

Odaseva to Launch Privacy Solution

Odaseva, an enterprise data platform for Salesforce, announced that its no-code data privacy solution will be generally available on Feb. 28.

Odaseva's data privacy products will be generally available as a solution called the Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution, which allows large multinational organizations to comply with the growing number of data privacy regulations impacting their Salesforce data. Companies use CRM SaaS platforms because of benefits over non-cloud based options, but the Salesforce user is responsible to ensure the customer data complies with regulations, according to Odaseva officials.

The Odaseva Enterprise Privacy Solution automates compliance with data privacy regulations around the world including GDPR and CCPA. The solution selects objects and fields containing Personal Identifiable Information (PII), as well as unique anonymization strategies.

It will offer:

  • Automatic processing of Data Subject Requests, including tracking, processing and updating of the request status along its processing timeline.
  • A no-code solution.
  • Support for data privacy regulations on any Salesforce data model to ensure compliance in multiple regions.
  • Development in sandbox environments to enhance developer productivity and code quality.
  • Production data anonymization directly in sandbox environments.
  • The ability to use the Odaseva Privacy API to integrate with any existing content management platform.

O3 World Appoints Mahesh Gaitonde as Chief Digital Officer

O3 World, a customer experience consultancy, announced that Mahesh Gaitonde joined the company as its chief digital officer. Mahesh comes to O3 from Capgemini, where he led its Content Services Practice for North America. Gaitonde will help lead strategy and innovation work and expand O3’s strategic partnerships worldwide.

Gaitonde will focus on strategic solutions that can drive end-to-end customer experience transformation for clients. Company officials said he brings over 20 years of leadership and management experience in all phases of digital product and solution development, combining vision, strategy and creativity with innovative and pragmatic approaches to solving business problems.

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