Qualtrics, provider and innovator in the experience management (XM) category based in Seattle, Wash., announced on Apr. 27, 2022, the availability of Qualtrics Social Connect.

This new digital customer service and social listening solution enables contact center, marketing and customer experience teams to capture, analyze and respond to the millions of customer service requests received via chat, email and social media.

With a single unified inbox, automated chat responses and deep insight into social trends and real-time customer sentiment, intent and emotions via XM, Qualtrics Social Connect helps brands increase customer satisfaction, reduce repeat contacts and resolve more cases in less time.

Client Communication Through Any Digital Channel

Digital and social channels — which include website forms, chat, email, etc. — have rapidly become the preferred method of communication for individuals seeking to interact with businesses or resolve a service problem. As such, customer service and social media teams are under growing pressure to react quickly and efficiently to the millions of customer service queries they receive.

Each customer that organizations don't respond to within a reasonable amount of time could result in an expensive phone call to a contact center, many of which are already understaffed and overburdened.

“With connections to more than 35 popular digital channels — including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Live Chat, Forums, Blogs and review sites — Qualtrics Social Connect helps businesses listen to, connect with and serve customers on whichever digital platform they prefer," said Fabrice Martin, head of product for Qualtrics XM Discover and Customer Care.

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A New Way to Develop Insights

Additionally, brands can use the platform to gain insights from the mountains of unstructured data they collect through various digital channels.

"All the inbound messages and data are organized into a single unified inbox, and through its integration with XM Discover, agents can see the emotion, intent and effort associated with each individual’s digital interaction, helping them determine the appropriate actions and support for each individual," explained Martin.

Qualtrics Social Connect can generate automated solutions to typical queries, reducing staff workload. It can also intelligently redirect calls to the most knowledgeable support teams, allowing for speedier responses.

With this technology, enterprises may evaluate direct messages, reviews and social media interactions with social data like mentions, keywords, engagement, reach and comments. These insights assist teams in identifying possible product concerns, customer trends, brand awareness shifts and competitor effects online.

Learning Opportunities

A Step Closer to Ultimate Personalization

Qualtrics enables businesses to comprehend their customers' and workers' unique experiences and take real-time action to offer tailored experiences.

People have never had greater expectations for goods and services, employers and the organizations that support them. No business can match consumers' expectations for personalization in today's increasingly digital environment without first developing genuine connections.

Qualtrics provides businesses with a consistent perspective of the unique preferences that customers and employees share, enabling brands to collect and learn from every interaction. 

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 What Does the Future Hold for Qualtrics?

“We’ll continue to innovate on our products and solutions to help contact center and CX teams be more effective and efficient, empower agents to resolve customer issues and build deeper relationships with their customers,” said Martin.

Qualtrics created Social Connect because it realized that every company, big or little, is struggling with how to represent and maintain its brand across social and digital platforms, claimed Martin.

In today's environment, when consumers want 24/7 service, and there seems to be an infinite number of channels to manage, companies need a solution that allows them to remain on top of all discussions while also acting on the information their customers provide. With a solution like Social Connect, service teams get improved customer satisfaction and NPS ratings, fewer repeat interactions and more case resolutions.

Businesses can also pair Social Connect with other Qualtrics solutions, such as Digital Experience Metrics, to gather, benchmark and compare metrics to competitors and further understand how specific brand elements affect customer experience.

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