TCN, a provider of a cloud-based call center platform, has announced the debut of Data Explorer, a data visualization tool for the List Management Services (LMS) application on its platform. The new feature aims to help contact centers simplify data organization and management.

McKay Bird, director of marketing at TCN, told CMSWire TCN's List Management Services includes Data Explorer, which enables contact centers to manage all of their data files in one location. Customers can automate processes and activities using an LMS.

Data Explorer Offers Data Interaction

Using TCN's Data Explorer, customers can engage with their data in real time and combine numerous data sets and channels from various sources. According to Bird, benefits of TCN’s Data Explorer include:

  • Visualization of data: Users can format data how they want.
  • Data accuracy: Spot check data in LMS.
  • Reduced errors: Reduces instances of manual interactions with the data outside of LMS.

"Data Explorer is part of TCN’s List Management Services tool and allows call centers to process all of their data files in one place," Bird said. "Filter, scrub, sort, reshape and enrich using LMS — even complex workflows and tasks can be automated away, saving time and reducing errors. TCN’s Data Explorer allows users to interact with their data in real-time and integrate various data sets and channels from different sources while saving time, improving transparency and reducing the likelihood of errors."

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Data Explorer Aids Call Center Administrators  

Data Explorer, included within TCN Operator, the company's contact center solution, is available now. It was created because of a combination of customer feedback and internal innovation.

List Management Services provides a variety of services, one of which is the capacity to provide data flexibility via the cloud. Existing TCN clients may take use of a new feature that is being developed and improved at no additional cost as part of the company's continual development and improvement, according to Bird.

Learning Opportunities

The List Management Services tool allows users to prepare data and automate business processes — introducing a way for call centers to gain a complete view of records, data and the customer journey and acquire a comprehensive understanding of records and the customer experience.

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What’s Next for TCN?

TCN is beta testing its Workforce Engagement solution and expects to make it generally available this quarter, said Bird. The feature is already incorporated and ready to use in Operator.

Room 303 was the most recent release from TCN. Team, management and agent internal communication is improved with direct messaging, shared rooms and notification alerts in Room 303, according to the company. Room 303 is open to anyone regardless of where they are in the Operator. Agents may interact with everyone on the team with relative ease, regardless of application.

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