Zoom has unveiled Zoom IQ for Sales, an intelligent conversation solution for sales professionals. It also released new Zoom Events and Webinar features like backstage branding and branding for webinar sessions.

"Zoom IQ’s analysis covers customers’ reactions, conversational and selling skills, customer pain points, competitors, deal risk metrics, and more," Josh Dulberger, head of product, data and AI at Zoom, told CMSWire. "It also supports sales coaching for both new sales rep onboarding and experienced sales rep improvements."

Engagement Scores, Sentiment Scores and Salesforce Integration

Customer interactions can now be turned into meaningful, actionable information with the aid of Zoom IQ for Sales, currently accessible in over 100 countries. Some notable Zoom IQ for Sales features available at launch include:

  • Engagement Score: A measure of how engaged a customer is, based on talk-time ratio, response time lag and number of speaker changes
  • Sentiment Score: A measure of the positive and negative speech in the meeting
  • Filler words: Searches for common filler words (e.g. oh, like, uh, um)
  • Good questions: Identifies questions and measures the time length of response to determine if the question was engaging
  • Features mentioned: Average times that a feature was mentioned. The list of features is pre-generated by the admin
  • Salesforce integration: View Salesforce deal status associated with recorded meetings

Zoom IQ for Sales is a product that analyzes sales meetings and deals to provide actionable insights to identify opportunities, assess risks and ultimately enable and improve sales team performance, according to Dulberger. It uses natural language processing models to process post-meeting transcripts and deal progress data, generating insights for sales reps and managers.

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Zoom IQ for Sales Is for Sales VPs, Managers and Representatives

Zoom IQ for Sales focuses on post-meeting analysis and deal progress analysis through machine learning. The analysis includes customers’ reaction analysis, talking skills analysis, sales skills analysis, customers’ pain points analysis, deal risk analysis and more. "Zoom IQ also supports sales coaching for both new sales rep onboarding and experienced sales rep improvements,” said Dulberger.

Zoom IQ for Sales benefits a wide range of users, including sales VPs/executives, managers, and enablement/operations; IT managers; CEOs; and marketing. Each sales professional may compare their meeting results and deal progress with their colleagues to see which areas they need to improve in order to be more successful.

Sales reps may develop meeting skills, subject knowledge and other important abilities to clinch more transactions by attending meetings of other team members. They may contact their team members or bosses in order to delve further into a certain situation.

Learning Opportunities

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What Is in Store for Zoom?

Businesses want more insights into their customer conversations, especially fast-growing SMBs, but aggregating insights from multiple mediums can be challenging. Modern sales intelligence tools offer tangible ways to improve seller performance, automate the sales process and integrate with CRMs for a complete view of the customer lifecycle,” according to Dulberger. 

Zoom has made substantial investments in in-house voice recognition technology and assembled a team to generate high-fidelity transcription services that serve as the foundation for products such as Zoom IQ. It is creating domain-specific NLU (Natural Language Understanding) models using few-shot models in order to provide features that are more dependable and helpful to consumers.

Sales teams, including Zoom's sales team, have been yearning for such tools while simultaneously denigrating the ones they've used on and off over the years, according to Dulberger. These teams like to concentrate on the client and managing the engagement rather than taking notes, but they also want to be able to review their conversations to pick up on subtleties, quickly identify next actions, or seek advice from a colleague.

The Zoom platform already has a foundation in this area with features such as transcription, recordings and highlights. In addition to Zoom IQ support for Zoom Phone, which is coming soon, the news this week also gives Zoom an opportunity to expand this type of functionality across the Zoom platform such as Zoom Contact Center and within their Meetings and Events solutions.

In February, Zoom announced Zoom Contact Center, an omnichannel contact center solution that is optimized for video and integrated into the same Zoom experience. Now available, Zoom Contact Center combines unified communications and contact center capabilities with the usability of the Zoom platform. Zoom Contact Center supports customer service use cases and workflows.

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