The digital experience is everything today. 

Think of your typical day in the digital landscape — you might work, socialize, order food, seek out entertainment, learn. In fact, around 50% of people polled in the US say they spend most of the day on a screen, be it a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet or TV.

At CMSWire we look at many facets of the digital experience, including new technology, new companies and industry changes — and you don’t want to miss out on what we’ve shared over the last year. 

Check out the Top 10 digital experience articles from 2022 below.

10. Have You Recognized the Potential of the Composable Digital Experience Stack?

As competition rises, brands look for ways to cater to each individual customer. One potential solution? The composable digital experience platform (DXP) — an integrated set of technologies that aid the creation, management and delivery of contextualized digital experiences. 

What does composable DX look like, and can it meet your customers' expectations?

9. Is Web3 a Buzzword? Or the Real Deal?

A big topic in 2022? Web3 — the next iteration of the internet. Backed by blockchain technology, it’s promised to give control back to the people, eliminating big tech’s overreaching power. 

But can Web3 deliver on its big promises? Should people trust this new iteration of the web? Or is it all smoke and mirrors?

8. Successful Digital Transformation Is More Than a Technology Project

Digital transformation is something 70% of enterprises fail at. Not a surprise, since there’s no guidebook on how to do it right. But that doesn’t mean you have to contend with defeat. If you want to deliver on digital transformation promises, look to successful examples first.

7. Is It Time to Retire the Term Digital Transformation? 

For years, digital transformation was a vague, far-off concept. And while the pandemic certainly accelerated technology use, some businesses haven’t fully caught up. Why? Because there’s no switch to make it happen instantly. Instead, digital transformation is an incremental process that requires great strides in technology adoption and evolution. 

6. Goodbye DXPs, Hello Composable Stacks 

Does anyone really know what a DXP is? Vendors and enterprise digital managers certainly look at them differently. 

CMSWire contributor, Apoorv Durga share his thoughts on digital experience platforms, their capabilities, what we can learn from DXP usage and how these platforms should fit into your strategies. 

Learning Opportunities

5. The Business Case for MACH Architecture

Customers want to interact with brands in a myriad of ways — through websites, social platforms, conversational interfaces and immersive experiences. And brands need to create multichannel experiences to keep customers engaged and stay ahead of the competition.

Is MACH architecture the answer to innovation within the chaos?

4. Why Monolithic Digital Experience Platforms Still Trump Composable

Experts say organizations must adopt composable experiences to remain relevant and keep customers happy. But the “monoliths” are still very much a part of the DXP market landscape. Who will reign supreme in 2023: monoliths or composable solutions?

3. 5 Takeaways From Adobe Summit Digital Experience Conference 2022

The Adobe Summit 2022 took place online this year. But you didn’t have to virtually attend to take away a few lessons. CMSWire reporter Dom Nicastro shared a few big takeaways from the event, including Adobe news, investments and partnerships.

2. How Does Adobe's $20B Acquisition of Figma Impact UX Designers? 

In September of 2022, Adobe acquired design platform Figma for $20 billion — Adobe’s largest acquisition to date. But this purchase could throw a wrench in the works where UX designers are concerned. 

Is Adobe looking to eliminate Figma entirely? Or will this acquisition turn into a collaboration that leaves designers thrilled?

1. How to Pick a Mastodon Server

Mastodon is one of the hottest Twitter alternatives on the market — but it comes with a learning curve. Part of signing up for Mastodon includes picking a server to join. But what are servers, and which one should you pick?

Learn all about Mastodon servers and how you can navigate the signup process with ease.

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