Tony Byrne

Tony Byrne, founder of The Real Story Group, thinks it's time to give up the dream of all-in-one software solutions.

At CMSWire's DX Summit in Chicago this week, he advised attendees looking for guidance for their digital architecture roadmaps to stop looking for platforms that purport to do everything on the user’s behalf.

'Real In Their Own Minds'

"The big thing that we see is vendors kind of adhering to sort of old-school sales processes that don't necessarily align with the way that experienced marketing teams want to procure software.

"I think they want to be a lot more hands-on, a little bit more iterative, more try before you buy, experimenting with different types of license models and delivery models.

"And sometimes you see certain rigidity among the vendors: 'This is the way you buy it, this is the way we sell it and that's not working so well anymore.'

"You've got five, six, seven vendors who say they can sell you an all-in-one marketing cloud. Does this really exist? Is it real?

"I would say it's real in their own minds. It's real in their marketing materials. I don't think it's real in terms of a set of cohesive technologies that you can or should buy all of the pieces.

"For one thing, many of the different pieces of these aren't even cloud-based at all. It's a mishmash of things that the vendor has acquired from different places — some are on-premises, some are cloud, some are Java, some are .NET.

"Some are actually subsidiaries. Some are actually part of the vendor. And so it's a whole mismatch of tools.

"And, you know, we've looked far and wide for customers who've actually adopted all of a particular vendors cloud. And we can't find them. It's like the mythical snowman. I think a colleague of mine called it yeti."

Video by Asa Aarons Smith