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Lattice Partners with Dun & Bradstreet to Improve Customer Insights

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Lattice Engines updated its Predictive Insights Platform to give B2B marketers and sales reps deeper insights beyond traditional demographics on customers and prospects.

The update improves data access and targeting and builds off the platform's existing artificial intelligence capabilities. 

"The key part for us is making sure we help customers operationalize analytics and data," Nipul Chokshi, vice president of product marketing for Lattice Engines, told CMSWire in an interview this week. "We provide a massive set of integrations with companies like Marketo, Eloqua and Salesforce that enables us to surface predictive signals."

Dun & Bradstreet Partnership

As part of the update, San Mateo, Calif.-based Lattice partnered with data insights provider Dun & Bradstreet, headquartered in Short Hills, NJ. Company officials said the "exclusive" partnership provides Lattice Insights access to 1,600 signals on more than 250 million businesses. 

"We get their master file of 200 some-odd million companies," Chokshi said. "They're tracking that data from those companies, and we've got a matching engine that adds our own secret sauce to meet the needs of B2B marketers. And we're adding on other signals from more than 40 data partners and doing our data scraping."

Chokshi said Lattice can curate data including what technology customers use, their intent, their web searches, ad clicks, what kind of marketing spend they have, what kind of investments they've made and how that reflects on their risk profiles.

"There is a lot of content marketing out there that clutters the buyer's airwaves," Chokshi said. "Our point of view, based on what customers have told us, is the buyers are tuning out because they're overwhelmed by offers and spam and email marketing and content that's not really relevant. We think the way marketers can do better is to use data to learn as much as you can about your customers and prospects so you can then have more contextualized conversations and know their environments and issues."

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'Fuzzy Matching' Connects Leads with Buying Centers

The updates also include what it calls "Fuzzy Matching." Powered by a patent-pending Decision Graph technology, fuzzy matching allows companies to better match incoming lead and account data with the proper buying centers.

Marketers don't have to potentially lose quality leads just because they present a public email domain like Gmail or Yahoo.

Learning Opportunities

"Most marketing automation and predictive vendors will ignore that lead," Chokshi said.

The Graph also helps specify divisions within large companies. Take GE.com, for instance: visitors could be from multiple departments, divisions and locations and should not be targeted with the same content.

"One of the key challenges," Chokshi said, "is to be able to identify what buying center you're from."

'Data-Driven Insights'

The updates also include:

  • Curated data: Integrations with CRM platforms and the ability to develop customizable company widgets directly on the Salesforce dashboard
  • Company profile: a configurable Salesforce widget that shows sales reps attributes about leads, contacts and accounts
  • Auto-ratings: drives decision making by automatically bucketing numerical lead and account scores into “High,” “Medium,” “Low” or A, B, C, D ratings
  • Data Cloud Explorer: teams can search available data to improve targeting strategies by: data attribute (e.g. search for “how many companies use Marketo?”) and company name, location, etc. (e.g. “tell me everything you know about Intel, Inc.”) 
  • Modeling auto-tuner: Lattice now suggests what kind of data to include and exclude in predictive models 

“It is a challenging time for marketers," Michael Bird, EVP and GM of global alliances, partnerships and audience solutions at Dun & Bradstreet, said in a statement. "Not only are they expected to drive creative campaign development, but they are also tasked with driving bottom line growth. With Dun & Bradstreet data fueling Lattice Predictive Insights, modern marketing teams can access data-driven insights to identify high-impact leads, and personalize outreach with curated content that meets their customers’ specific needs.”