The pairing of AI and especially machine learning (ML) has changed the landscape for marketers. Now, it’s possible for you to drill down deep and optimize your marcom strategies, boosting your KPIs and other metrics. You just need to know which ML-reliant tools to try first.

This can be more challenging than it sounds. The marketplace is filled with any number of ML-rich solutions. Pick the right ones for your goals, and you’ll launch your brand light years ahead of the competition. Pick ones that have flash but not substance, and you’ll remain where you are, watching other brands pass you by.

So how can you choose from all the AI and ML products on the market? A good place to begin is to consider where you have the biggest gaps. Then, aim to fill those gaps appropriately starting with the following tool suggestions.

Moving the Needle on your CX and CSAT Feedback

Maybe your customer service is good. Maybe it’s not-so-good. Either way, you have room for improvement. To improve upon stagnant or lackluster CSAT scores, try an ML-rich chatbot.

AI chatbots have been around for quite a while at this point, but ML sends them to a new level. As Bill Schwaab, Boost AI’s VP of sales, explains, virtual agents that leverage ML enhance your chance to drive personalization. “ML on its own may not be sufficient to gain a total understanding of customer requests,” he says. “But it’s useful in classifying basic user intent.”

In other words, bringing ML into your customer support functions could be the missing element to winning over grumpy customers. Be sure to track metrics like your CSAT scores before and after implementation. Having a baseline allows you to see how much of a bump you get.

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Provides Deep Data Insights to Improve Ad Campaigns

Every marketer is sitting on so much data that it’s almost overwhelming. You already know that, of course. You and your team also know that you only have so many hours to pick apart your data for trends. Plus, the more systems you use, the more data you have to integrate by hand. And there’s only so much energy you can put toward searching for anomalies and potential red flags.

What’s the result? You go over budget and spend too much on a PPC campaign. Or you spend too little and lose momentum on your Facebook or Google Ads. Maybe you misinterpret a data point because you don’t have the full picture. No matter what, you end up in a bad position. Fortunately, a solution that uses ML can step in and provide some assistance.

Learning Opportunities

Consider Hawke AI, an AI tool that can manage your marketing strategy from Hawke Media. Hawke AI relies on ML to work behind the scenes to identify unusual trends. The trends are reported in real time to authorized users who can investigate further. This monitoring removes barriers to understanding data. Because Hawke AI works in the background, it takes over the repetitive “data crunching” work that’s bogging down your team. Ultimately, you have more control of your PPC campaigns, leaving you with fewer PPC metric surprises.

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Sales Transcriptions to Inform Content Creation

It’s a common problem: Your sales team is terrific, but it fails to share important insights. This leaves you creating marketing materials that may or may not hit the mark with customers. Instead of accepting this as “just the way it goes,” consider recommending sales use an ML voice-of-the-customer tool.

An example of this type of tech tool can be found in the sales-focused Chorus AI. The Chorus AI system keeps track of every sales exchange. Data is then extracted to show highlights, common words used, and more. Thanks to its heavy reliance on ML, Chorus AI keeps getting more accurate in terms of transcriptions and reporting.

Though Chorus AI is targeted at sellers, it’s valuable for marketers, too. Imagine being able to know exactly what customers are objecting to, as well as the specific words they’re using. With that kind of knowledge, you could write more compelling copy for everything from social posts to whitepapers. Be sure to lean on the system’s ML findings to construct content options for A/B split tests.

ML remains one of the most exciting, relevant marcom tech assets available. Rest assured that no matter where your marketing gaps lie, you can find a viable and dependable ML solution.

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